Songs To Learn And Sing – Ladytron, Prince Edward Island, Howling Bells, No Ceremony,The Icarus Line.


Today we feature Ladytron, Prince Edward Island, Howling Bells, No Ceremony and The Icarus Line.



Let us be clear so there is no misunderstanding, I love Ladytron, their icy, hauntingly sinister goth electronica continues to fill my heart with unbridled joy. Their latest offering “Mirage” which appears on their forthcoming album,’ Gravity The Seducer,’ has reaffirmed and indeed justified my infatuation… It’s  in stores September 12 (UK) / September 13 (US).

‘Mirage’ By Ladytron.

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Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND release their long awaited debut album ‘This Day Is A good Enough Daythrough Crocfingers Record on Monday the 29th August.  Brutal, dark scottish wit, melancholy and regret, all viewed through a fug of ciggies and beer ( or so it seems) make this an album that never fails to engage the listener. If  Belle and Sebastian had met The Band Of Holy Joy at Rehab and  decided to make an album it may sound something like this.

‘Sex in the Morning (I’m Coughing, You’re Moaning)’ By Prince Edward Island.

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Howling Bells.

Howling Bells

Having more than made up for Jason Donavan and Stefan Denis, Sydney’s finest, Howling Bells release a new video, the title track from their upcoming new album The Loudest Engine, which is released September 12th 2011 and you can pre-order your copy now from


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No Ceremony – Hurt Love.

It’s becoming quite the thing to release a piece of music without letting on who you are. So maybe No Ceremony should change their name to No Info because  all we know about ‘the band’ is that they come from Manchester and on the evidence of ‘Hurt Love’ they do a rather fetching line in ambient haunting choral electronica. I’d provide a link to their website, but there’s not much point as there’s probably more info here than there.

” Hurt Love” By No Ceremony

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The Icarus Line.

The Icarus Line

The Icarus Line return with a new album entitled ‘Wildlife’  which is apparently inspired by fleeing “Desperation, Drugs and Record Industry scum”

King Baby – Icarus Line

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Now I’ve never been much of a one for copying and pasting press releases, but Joe Cardamone’s statement with regard to  The Icarus Line’s album pretty much demands your attention!

“Wildlife presents the newest chapter in a bizarre saga of sonic ambition and utterly stubborn will. A rock n’ roll nuke followed by a couple months of radiated fallout. This record did not just make itself and get into your hands by accident today, it was written, produced and recorded under the constant threat of extinction. As we all know the bills keep coming long after the money is gone. It is another document from a distant corner of Los Angeles that believes in Rock N’ Roll music as art and religion. This collection of songs is finer than the last and those before that. We, The Icarus Line may never get to make a record again and so every record has been made as if it’s the very last one. That’s how this music is supposed to feel though isn’t it? Like a fight to survive in a musical landscape dominated by frat boys in ships clothing. If you love Iggy, If you miss Roxy Music, if you feel Funkadelic, if you need a flash of danger in your life, if you want a little lust around, if you love Rock N’ Roll music that is actually made by motivated f**k ups who had no other choice, then this is for you.


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