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Track Of The Day – Young Unknowns – Target Practice

Oddly since we landed our weekly slot on Strangeways Radio, with a remit for playing (mainly) new British music we seem to be constantly discovering

July 11, 2012 Music, Track Of The Day

Track Of The Day – VYIE – Darrrk Knight

It’s been on one those weeks, no matter how hard we try we just can’t seem to glean much info on some of the new

July 09, 2012 Music, Track Of The Day
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Songs To Learn And Sing – The Good Dangers, Luls, Candice Gordon, 2For Joy.

The Good Dangers – Live in Shoreditch Church. You may remember we featured Good Dangers a while back with their tune “Abigail”?  Well that was

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INTERVIEW : “Drawn To The Dark Side” – Embers.

The focus on Manchester’s music scene recently has seen many banging the dusty old drum of  a band who made one reasonable album and sang“

July 09, 2012 Interviews, Music
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Track ( and Video) Of The Day- Friday Freebie – IO Echo – When the Lillies Die

IO ECHO is Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross. They mix industrial beats, dream pop and driving electro with the sort of gorgeous pop melodies that

July 06, 2012 Music, Track Of The Day
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Track Of The Day – The Hypnotic Eye – Marianne

One thing that might put have initially put us off The Hypnotic Eye was the fact they’ve been labelled “flower punk”( a genre named after

July 06, 2012 Music, Track Of The Day

Tracks Of The Day – We Are The Physics, I Am Harequin, Luls

We Are The  Physics – Goran Ivanisevic We Are The Physics return today with a brand new single entitled ‘Goran Ivanisevic’. And yes it’s THAT

July 02, 2012 Music, Track Of The Day
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Interview – Wrestling Crocodiles with Brandon Welchez

Words: David Cross-Kane Earlier this month we went searching the Thames for Crocodiles after a spate of sightings and rumours circulate on the Sexbeat page

July 02, 2012 Music

I Am Harlequin – Craze EP – Review And Competition.

If you’d like to win a special I Am Harlequin”Craze”  Ep Package, like THIS simply email us HERE  and answer this question [putting "IAH Craze"

June 30, 2012 Music, Reviews
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Track Of The Day – Museum of Bellas Artes – Bear Cubs

It’s really no surprise that Sweden is the 3rd biggest purveyor of pop music behind the UK and The USA when they produce artists as

June 29, 2012 Music, Track Of The Day
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