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Live A Little, Love A Lot -Moose Interview

“Jack” By Moose Moose may have flown under many peoples radar in the early 1990’s despite being the band that inadvertently helped coin the term

January 08, 2010 Interviews, Music, Reviews

What’s On Your I-Pod ? Festive Edition- 2009

We asked our musical chums to share either their favourite tunes of 2009, or if 2009 failed to produce anything that significantly moved them, anything

December 23, 2009 Music, Reviews

The Trouble With…2009…. A Review Of The Year

“Pop Star” By Kids On Bridges 2009 saw the rise of 80’s influenced electronic pop as the ladies dominated the charts whilst simultaneously plunging their

December 15, 2009 Music, Reviews
small_sam_kiss 14

The VPME Awards 2009

2009 ? How was it for you ?  In part 1 of our review of 2009 we reflect on the music that moved and inspired

December 11, 2009 Music, Reviews, The Best Of

“My Fair Bladey”-Eliza Doolittle Interview

“Rollerblades” (Plastic Little Remix) –Eliza Doolittle “Pop” has certainly been big business in 2009, generic indie bands (who generally weren’t actually indie) found that the

December 03, 2009 Interviews, Music, Reviews

Sick! Adventures In Music Promotion

Music promotion? Is it worth the stress? You book the venue, try and get the right mix of bands, design the flyers and posters, arrange

November 30, 2009 Music, Reviews

Marina And The Diamonds Live, Liverpool Masque, 13/12/2009

I generally get a little nervous before gigs. Excitement, anticipation and of course freshly laundered underpants all play a part in the pre gig ritual

November 22, 2009 Live Reviews, Music, Reviews

Music For Pleasure -Polly Mackey And The Pleasure Principle Interview

“The Way It Works” By Polly MacKey And The Pleasure Principle Polly MacKey’s first public performance came when she was just shy of her sixteenth

November 13, 2009 Interviews, Music, Reviews

Marina And The Diamonds-Mowgli’s Road

Order from I-tunes here Russ Chimes Remix We’ve got obsessions / All you ever think about are sick ideas involving me, involving you’ sang Marina

November 12, 2009 Music, Reviews

The Dead Weather- I Cut Like A Buffalo Review

Saying you  don’t particularly ‘ get’ The White Stripes usually elicits the same  sort of incredulity and anger normally reserved for somebody who decides to

October 30, 2009 Music, Reviews
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