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Glasvegas in 'The Broons. The VPME 60

Glasvegas-Liverpool University 29/01/2009

  RE: GLASVEGAS 29/01/2009 LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY Glasvegas have had their critics, in the past, over hyped , dreary, Mary Chain wanna-bes etc, etc,  but having 

February 01, 2009 Live Reviews, Music, Reviews
Dan Smith Video Shoot (71) 1

Going For Gold- Dan Smith Interview

If pop music's death rattle is ever recorded, I have no doubt it would be packaged and labeled simply "Robbie Williams- "Rudebox" ” or

January 31, 2009 Interviews, Music, Reviews

Through The Static.. – Howling Bells Interview

“Into The Chaos” By Howling Bells One of our very favourite bands Howling Bells are back to kick off 2009 in fine style. Their appeal

January 21, 2009 Interviews, Music, Reviews

Album Of The Month- January09 -Howling Bells “Radio Wars”

“Into The Chaos” By Howling Bells All hail the first great album of 2009 ! Howling Bells are back with a follow up to their

January 09, 2009 Music, Reviews

Know Your NME-Andrew Collins Interview

Problems, they say,  often come in threes , so here I give you three troublesome situations, I offer no solutions, but I do offer a

January 07, 2009 Interviews, Music, Reviews


2008 has been a strange year, and one I’ll generally be glad to see the back of. I guess in global terms it’ll be

December 28, 2008 Music, Reviews

The VPME Review-December 2008.

 Well with Christmas almost upon us the new releases have been “patchy” at best. Our team look into the open fire of pop and attempt

December 13, 2008 Music, Reviews

Tis The Season..Spencer McGarry Interview

“A Title Sparks Would Have Used” By Spencer McGarry Season “To The Liars Take Me” By By Spencer McGarry Season When it comes to action

December 09, 2008 Interviews, Music, Reviews

Rage Against the Tantrum-Thomas Tantrum Interview

“Swan Lake” By Thomas Tantrum “Blase” By Thomas Tantrum Thomas Tantrum is not a character in a Horrid Henry novel, which will no doubt come

October 22, 2008 Interviews, Music, Reviews

BT Digital Music Awards 2008 -Thank you

In with a bullet! The VPME climbs this years digital music award chart! Click here for the results. Not wanting to get all luvvy and

October 07, 2008 Music, Reviews
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