The Blog Sound Top Five 2016

Well it gives us very little pleasure to announce the 2016 Blog sound winner … why? Because it’s the sort of music, not only that we dislike, but the sort we actively avoid. The sort that leaves us feeling emptier than Jeremy Clarkson’s scrotum. Sorry folks, but that’s the truth. The winner is Mura Masa ( Alex Crossan) a 19 year old electronic producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist originally from Guernsey. His tracks such as Firefly, Love For That andLovesick F*ck have all been hugely successful on blog aggregator Hype Machine and he has gained millions of plays on Soundcloud.


From the longlist of 15 revealed in December, the artists who scored the most points were
1st Mura Masa
2nd The Japanese House
3rd Aurora
4th Aquilo
5th Loyle Carner
This is the first time in the history of the Blog Sound poll that a male artist has topped it.

In many ways we feel the Blog Sound polls were an interesting experiment but have perhaps run their course and we may not participate again simly because it’s become apparent that our own tastes our not paticularly on trend and we find it a chore posting muisc we dont like. And so on this occasion we havent ! You can have a listen to the winner here if you feel so inclined

Thanks to Robin from Breaking More Waves for organising the list again.

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