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Last week our “Track Of The Day” feature shone the spotlight on a fair bit of electro pop, these weeks theme seems to be being drawn to a species of omnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family. Yesterday we had wily Jethro Fox and today we have the foxy, erm Foxes.

“Christ, not another female singer song writer” I hear you cry, well yes, and we do seem positively awash with them these days, but the thing is, in our opinion, many of them are extremely fucking good so we make no apologies. (well OK maybe just one apology for swearing quite unnecessarily !)

Foxes, AKA  Louisa Rose Allen,  ( for it is a “she,” not a” they”) is positively brimming with talent and in possession of a voice so powerful it could raze cities to dust. She’s already released her début record “Youth”on the unfeasibly hip Neon Gold records back in January, proving that being endowed with a huge voice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically gonna be seduced by Uncle Simon’s empty promises and square headed twattery.  Nor are you necessarily filled with a burning desire to be judged by rent-a-gob on stick, the seemingly omnipresent Jessie fucking J on Saturday night TV.  Sometimes you’ve got to have faith in your ability and songs and find your own way. Foxes tried her hand at studying  music but realised the studying part was actually the bit she didn’t like, and besides some things just can’t be taught, some things you just feel!

She’s about to release  the Warrior EP, and “White Coats” is available below as a free download. It showcases her powerful pipes, replete with sweeping synths, subtle industrial beats and never strays over into egregious power ballad territory which we suspect a major label  may encourage ( remember Claire Maguire’s début?)  Anyway forget “The Voice”  and listen to a genuine voice minus the circus. This is what talents all about.

Download below


The tracklisting for the Warrior EP is:


Digital EP

1. Warrior

2. White Coats

3. In Her Arms

4. Let Go For Tonight (Demo)

5. Warrior (Live Acoustic)

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