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Internationally published Photographer, freelance Journalist, and Blogger

Andy Von Pip runs the VPME music blog. He has been a member of ‘BBC’s Sound Of’ taste-maker panel, appeared on BBC 6 Music, is guest tipper on Amazing Radio, Fresh on The Net Moderator for Tom Robinson. He has previously hosted a weekly show on cult U.S. station Strangeways Radio and is a regular podcaster. Andy has also provided content for the BBC, Music Week, The Guardian, Liverpool Echo and hosted a new music column for The Sabotage Times. He has also written for Bido Lito magazine, The Quietus, God Is In The TV, Under The Radar Magazine and is an internationally published music photographer. He is also in house music photographer for o2 Academy. Andy is the owner and curator of the VPME.

Photography: http://www.andyvonpipphotography.com/

Muckrack profile: https://muckrack.com/andy-von-pip-journalism

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  1. It’s all Girls Girls Girls with you mate, if John Peel had followed the same criteria for his musical prerequisites we would have seen better musi cthan the cock rock I listened to when I was a little florid haired hippie, Saxon, Denim and Leather ? Lets Rock I say !

    By the way have you noticed that Boris Johnson is on the front cover of the EP ‘Sleep With Me’ by the early 90’s albino rockers BIRDLAND.

  2. Hi,

    Blue Comet Café (www.bluecometcafe.com) is a virtual showcase club for on-the-verge touring and recording artists. We videotape live performances (4 cameras/multitrack audio) of bands and singer/songwriters that are ready to step forward and achieve the recognition they deserve. No lip-synching. No overdubs. Just great people playing live.
    Currently featured on our Main Stage is a distinctive singer/songwriter, Matt Duke.

    Matt has just released his second CD, “Kingdom Underground”, on Rykodisc.  We think Matt’s great and this is an amazing performance. Watch it at http://www.bluecometcafe.com .

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