Waves of Fury release a quite fucking brilliant single entitled ‘Businessman’s Guide to Witchcraft’ on Monday August 27th.  This is the first release from their forthcoming debut album and if you ever pondered what Joe Strummer might have sounded like had he spent his formative years at Wigan Casino, Waves of Fury provide the answer.  Memo to Mark Ronson, THIS is how add horns and make them sound uber cool.  A fantastic, spellbinding single that deserves to be the ultimate floor filler at every Indie disco across this greedy and unpleasant land.  We’re looking forward to this album with the same sense of giddy anticipation we’d more than likely experience when preparing for a date with Charlize Theron.

Here’s the B Side ‘Papa Sam’ which is also top fucking drawer material too.

Available from Monday 27th