Songs To Learn And Sing – You Walk Through Walls, Josh Weller, The Spook School


We interrupt our “Tips or 2013” coverage to bring you news of three rather excellent new tunes!

You Walk Through Walls

‘Say Goodbye’ is just one of a quintet of outstanding tunes from by You Walk Through Walls’ forthcoming début EP.  If driving chiming walls of guitar, yearning sweeping melodies reminiscent of early Ride are your thing, then You Walk Through Walks will certainly tick all your musical boxes.  Full of subtle desolate beauty and understated drama, the “Destroyed Places EP” is out on December 3rd on limited transparent blue vinyl 10″ via the always-wonderful AC30 label.


Josh Weller

Josh-weller-  The Von Pip Musical Express


Will the real Josh Weller please stand up?  Wink  You may know him for his gravity defying quiff, his outsize glasses and his sartorial elegance, or possibly for his fabulous 2008 Christmas duet with Paloma Faith You may also know him as one of THE funniest tweeters on twitter  – a medium he employs to devastating effect in order to shed light on the eternal agony of the human condition.  Tweets such as “Stare at a Volvo for 90 minutes.  It’s the same as watching Twilight” and  For Halloween I’m dressing up as that time you were moved by Coldplay”  or even ” The lift down to Hell plays Taylor Swift” demonstrate, if you ain’t following him your twitter experience is seriously diminished and you need to fill that Josh shaped void pronto!  But now he’s gone all serious and Sinead O’Conner-ish with his latest  video ‘Swan Dive’  a song of exquisite beauty which for some reason reminds us of New Years Eve.  We related this fact to Josh and he replied  ” Tell you what, I’ll sing it to someone at the stroke of midnight and see it if it gets me anywhere…”  Top of the charts perhaps Wink  Actually it’s a bit too good for that.


The Spook School

spook-school photo by Dom Holt

The Spook School are a four-piece DIY indie-pop group from Edinburgh, Scotland.  They play a kind of wry ramshackle lo fi indie that recalls a time when students wore socialist worker badges and sat in halls of residence listening to new music via an old tranny (by old tranny we mean transistor radio and not a musical octogenarian cross dresser).  Yes indeed a  time when going to Uni wasn’t just about becoming an employable drone, it was also about personal growth aimed at developing skills of understanding the world, of criticising, rethinking and challenging.  Nowadays it’s all I-Pads, Excel spreadsheets, semi religious business pyschobabble and consumerism, a place where Mumford & Sons are regarded as “alternative” within a culture that deems students “customers.”  Moreover, Uni’s rather than being beacons of enlightenment are now corporate business entities that strive to provide an environment geared toward said consumers. However what you want is not always what’s best or you and is not  the same thing as a good education. Fuck me!  Where did THAT come from- AHEM!  – Sorry, as ever, we digress!

The Spook School are Nye Todd and Adam Todd who play guitar, sing, Anna Cory plays bass, and Niall McCamley plays drums apparently none of them really know how to do this ‘music’ thing they’re just four friends trying to play pop tunes in whatever way they can.  This track,’You Don’t Know’ is from their new five track E.P ‘I Don’t Know, You Don’t Know, We All Don’t Know the Spook School’ which is released on December 17th 2012 via Soft Power Records.  If you’re still not convinced, you need this EP in your life you may be swayed by the fact it also contains a track called ‘Can You Ever Trust a Man Who Thinks Matt Damon’s Really Cool?’

Andy Von Pip

ANDY VON PIP - Founder, editor, writer, reviewer, photographer and all-round good guy at the House photographer for The Academy Music Group, Zuma Press, Event Magazine and Rex Features worldwide. You can check out his photography at Andy Von Pip Photography Has been new music tipster on BBC6 Music, Amazing Radio, and DJ on Strangeways Radio (USA.) Can currently be heard on IWFM Radio. His radio work has been described as sounding like Ian McCulloch on ketamine fused with Ringo Starr. New music tipster on Amazing Radio, moderator for BBC 6 Music DJ Tom Robinson's Fresh on the Net, former member of "BBC's Sound Of" panel. Written and photographic work has appeared in The Quietus, Music Week, Record Of The Day, The Guardian, GIITV, The Sabotage Times, Bido Lito, The Skinny, Louder Than War. Media partner and curator for Liverpool Sound City.

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