The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011.




Ever dreamt about  listening to music presented by somebody who looks like Bill Oddie‘s  tiny wizened scrotum with a sad little face drawn on it, yet who sounds like an intoxicating mix of  Ian McCulloch fused with Ringo Starr inside a beehive situated  in Brookside Close ? You have? Well listen to The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast Episode 1- April 2011 Cloudcast on Mixcloud or below for musical and spiritual fulfillment.

[Ps you can scroll through the podcast by clicking on the bar right at the bottom of the ‘cast’  if you so wish]

Thanks to Cat fom Pris, Drew From Islington Boys Club, Julia from the Indelicates, Laura from Dimbleby and Capper, Sarah from Let’s Buy Happiness and Dave Cromwell from NYC.

Andy Von Pip

ANDY VON PIP - Founder, editor, writer, reviewer, photographer and all-round good guy at the House photographer for The Academy Music Group, Zuma Press, Event Magazine and Rex Features worldwide. You can check out his photography at Andy Von Pip Photography Currently writing for U.S. Magazine and website Under The Radar. Andy been new music tipster on BBC6 Music, Amazing Radio, and DJ on Strangeways Radio (USA.) Regular podcasts can be found on Mixcloud and Spotify. His radio work has been described as sounding like Ian McCulloch on ketamine fused with Ringo Starr. He's also been moderator for BBC 6 Music DJ Tom Robinson's Fresh on the Net, and a former member of "BBC's Sound Of" panel. Written and photographic work has been published worldwide wide and appeared in the likes of The Quietus, Music Week, Record Of The Day, The Guardian, GIITV, The Sabotage Times, Bido Lito, The Skinny, Louder Than War.

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  1. Oh yes, sublime what a mix. The old and new meld seamlessly Please do more and I like your voice its laid back xxx

  2. dofs cap to the new John Peel Smile This is sublime. THE most enjoyable hour I’ve spent in quite some time. Perfecto . Wink

  3. big blue eyes

    Listening in the garden as suggested..the pansies are even nodding to the beat..mmmm and its going well with my spring drink.

  4. That was fantastic, an hour well spent on a Sunday morning. Heard lots of new bands…. thank you!

  5. I enjoyed this so much. This is a really wonderful blog I hope your obvious love of music leads to great things. Read your bio lol, You deserve to be the alternative to Cowell xx

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