Tracks Of The Day – Saint Agnes – ‘Old Bone Rattle’ and ‘The Tower Falls’


Photo – © Gary Morrisroe.

What happens when two of the coolest and most stylish hairstyles in music meet?  The answer is Saint Agnes, a new musical project consisting of Jon from the Lost Souls Club and Kitty from Lola Colt.  The results are quite frankly beyond astonishing, even more so when you consider that their début EP – ‘The Good Fight’ was recorded on a shoestring budget.  It’s also being given away for FREE, via their Bandcamp page, so we can add ‘philanthropic’ to ‘stylish, good looking and immensely talented’ to our ‘how to describe Saint Agnes’ lexicon.  Today’s “Tracks of the Day” are two prime cuts from ‘The Good Fight’, first we have the sublime ‘Old Bone Rattle’ a wonderful bluesy stomping slice of ‘Frontier Psych Noir.’ It’s a tune that transports you to a world of saloon girls and whiskey drenched cowboys, a place where life is cheap where the bones of animals and humans lie scattered across the dust bowl, bleached by a relentless indifferent sun, the flesh long-gone, plucked clean by ravenous carrion birds.  You get the picture; this is pure cinematic Ennio Morricone rock n’roll.

The second song is the epic ‘The Tower Falls’ replete with driving ghostly reverb, swirling Hammond organ, a wonderfully delivered vocal from Kitty and some fabulous dirty blues harmonica riffing.  Now we know that music bloggers can be accused of overexcitibility (is that even a word?) and of seemingly having favourite new bands every other week, but honestly this EP isn’t just promising…. its genuinely full-on f*cking  AMAZING.

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  1. All Rock’n’Roll goes in the red … and this does! Great song, a great slice of guttural alternative rock. Instant favorite on SC !!!

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