Gig Pictures Of The Month – January 2013

The snappily titled “Gig pictures of the month” is a brand new feature *cue fanfare* in which we select our favourite gig pictures …. of the month. If this sounds a confusing concept let us explain – “Gig pictures of the month” is a platform to showcase pictures taken at  gigs during the last month, hence the title. 🙂 But seriously we also hope it’ll capture some of the energy and excitement that you can only get from the live music experience and who knows  maybe it will prompt some people to get along to more  gigs!  Glad we’ve cleared that up ! Ok, so let’s begin

Findlay Live at the Soup Kitchen, Manchester (24/01/13)  

Our discerning Mancunian gig going buddies have been talking in revered tones about Findlay for quite a while now telling us we simply must catch her live. Therefore, we goggled we listened and we loved, I mean this is proper visceral, rock n roll, full of edgy primal sexuality mixed with the sort of ferociously brilliant melodies that make The Dead Weather and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s sound about as edgy as Rod Jane and Freddy!

Despite describing herself as “a Manc living in London” Natalie Findlay (for it is she) has stayed true to her roots and  built up a loyal fan base in her home town by virtue of intimate residencies and powerful live performances.  Last year she supported Jake Bugg, The Courteeners and was also on the XFM Winter Wonderland bill alongside the likes of Maximo Park and Bloc Party.  We think she’s a bit special and fancy her star will be in the ascendency this year . Sadly we still haven’t caught her live yet because annoying things like life keep getting in the way, but we’ll hopefully remedy the situation soon. Thankfully our man with the cam in Mancunia, Shay Rowan caught the action, as you can see from his pics below.

Findlay Live - Shay Rowan




Check out more of Shay’s ace pictures HERE


The Joy Formidable  Live at The Kazimier Liverpool

The Joy Formidable are without doubt one of the best live bands in the country, very few can match the level of intensity, energy and indeed raw power. Yes they are loud and our ears were ringing for days afterwards, and on occasion they really do make My Bloody Valentine sound like the XX whispering in the library of a monastic order, who have taken a vow of silence, during national “Let’s Be Quiet Day.” However The Joy Formidable don’t indulge in noise for its own sake, they actually remember that a fundamental concept of song writing is to actually have a bloody good song ! Below you’ll find  some pictures we managed to take before something not dissimilar to  THIS happened !







Findlay pics by Shay Rowan

The Joy Formidable pics by Andy Von Pip.

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  1. You got to see this girl live VPME she is awwwwesome . Do it !!! No excuses :kissing: :kissing: :kissing:


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