Interview – GHXST – Welcoming us to the Dark Side

Brooklyn trio GHXST recently skipped over the pond and played to excited audiences all over our lovely recessed tax haven (ahem ed.). Forming in sunny California, founding members Shelly X and Chris Wild moved to Brooklyn NY where they met and fell in love with the primal beats of Nathan La Guerra. From their inaugural gig out in blackened woods somewhere on the outskirts of Seattle to their recent rip-roaring set at Manchester’s Kraak Gallery, GHXST are intent on delivering their doom-garage with a precocious charm whilst adopting a distinctive methodology full of sonic fury and sonorous harmony.

GHXST released their first two EP’s on Parisian label ‘Desire Records’ and have recently gone on to release their new single Black Camaro via London’sClub.The.Mammoth and Tip Top Recordings’. Their sound is bleeding with massive distortion and thumping drum beats, which carries the howling blues tainted vocals along nicely. Citing Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain and White Zombie amongst their influences, GHXST certainly tread along the dark side.

 We recently caught up with Shelly X and Chris Wild on the back of their recent visit this side of the pond. Here’s what they had to say…


VPME: I recently read that GHXST like being a bit evil, and judging this by the ‘Black Camaro’ vid 666 seems to be the theme. What draws you to the dark side?

SHELLY X: growing up in the 90s was really intoxicating…cause everything was so evil and beautiful then

VPME:What was the first GHXST rehearsal like? What were the early inspirations?

CHRIS: we wrote our first EP in the middle of winter and things were pretty heavy back then, and we were feeling antisocial and angry. Looking back, I cant remember what the first rehearsals were like, but it didn’t really feel right til we got Nathan behind the drums and things started falling in place again.

VPME:From your experience as Californians in a New York band, what would you say makes the place synonymous with inspiring and raising great artists?

S: New York was once home to the Velvets…and pretty much everybody’s got a story to tell here. We just wanted to have our own too!

VPME:Some bands really pay homage to the whole NY sound, yet, we think that GHXST have managed to create something quite against the grain from your standard Brooklyn trio, how do you go about accomplishing such idiosyncrasy?

C: I think that comes from not getting stuck on one genre or scene, and just let the spirit of the music come through all the noise. I mean it’s hard to keep some California heat and southern blues out of our sound …

VPME:Outside of the music that you listen to, what else influences GHXST?

S: films and pop culture, road trips, meeting cool strangers and having new experiences 😉

VPME:How do you feel the UK tour dates went? What was the stand out show for you and why?

S: Man, the UK tour was such a whirlwind, but Manchester was bitchin coz we actually got to spend time with some really interesting folks…. plus the sound guy was SUCH a cutie.

C: We got to play the new venue Birthdays, which was pretty damn cool.

VPME:Any memorable moments – off-stage – that you guys have taken back to the states with you?

C: Well, what happens in Vegas…

VPME:How do our audiences (UK) compare to the usual US GHXST congregation?

S: The UK crowd is really into Rock N Roll – So we just turn it loud and let it happen. Since NY is our hometown – we try to do it a bit differently every time, give them somethin’ new when we can…

VPME:What are the current plans for you guys? Any chance of an LP hitting us soon?

C: We’re back in the studio finishing up some new tunes, more videos… and yes, hopefully a proper LP in the near future too.

VPME:Finally… 5 words that sum you guys up?

S: Crazy, sexy… Evil, wicked, desire. Haha X

Black Camaro is out now on Tip Top Recordings, listen to other GHXST track Doomgirl and download for free below:


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