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“Nothing to Relate” By Isaac’s Aircraft

We’ve had Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, the B’52’s, and the Blue Aeroplanes to name but a few. Well now you can add Isaac’s Aircraft to your list of bands that have aviation themed monikers. The name may conjure many images, but for me, in my minds eye, all I can picture is John Locke and Jack Shephard from “Lost”, having one of their regular tête-à-têtes on the rights and wrongs of leaving that infuriating island…

Locke:What if everything that happened here happened for a reason Jack?- I don’t think the island’s gonna let you leave Jack.”
Jack : “Goddamn it Locke, I’m getting on board Isaac’s Aircraft and I’m getting off this island. You’re insane! ”
Locke: [looking annoyingly enigmatic] “I don’t think the island’s finished with you yet Jack, I don’t think it’s gonna let you get on board Isaac’s Aircraft
Jack: “You don’t think so?”
Locke:No Jack, no, I don’t”
Jack: “You’re Insane-I’m leaving”
Locke:I really don’t think so Jack, the island won’t let you go Jack”
Jack: [doing his “earnest yet slightly constipated face”] “You Think so?”
Locke:Yes, Jack, yes I do Jack, yes….I do……Jack..”
Jack: “You’re insane Locke”
Locke:[cocking his head to one side, like a small bird] “Am I Jack? Am I really?… Am I ?…. “

To realistically replicate the conversation Jack and Locke invariably have at least once during every episode of “Lost”, simply copy and paste the last five lines approximately 200 times.  While you do that I’ll get back to the music….

Since forming at the back of a former factory workers house in Cambridge, Isaac’s Aircraft have received high praise and become  firm favourites on the Cambridge music scene.  Their latest EP “Friends & Foes”, has been featured on BBC6 Music, and quite clearly showcases the progression the band have made since their debut, “Holding Up The Line” in 2007. People may lazily compare their thundering but melodious piano sound to, say, the likes of  Keane, and there maybe some merit in that comparison, but I’m sensing a harder edge here. This of course may be entirely due to the fact that, unlike Keane, the don’t have a lead singer whose features resemble one of  Rafael’s cherubs after inadvertently swallowing a hot air balloon.  Isaac’s Aircraft’s lyrics suggest a band that despite introspection, are socially aware keane chreuband their songs cover contemporary themes such as alienation, isolation and Hervé Villechaize’s metaphysical quest for meaning.

Stylistically they move effortlessly between the James Dean Bradfield-esque chorus of “Nothing To Relate”, which  sounds like The Manic Street Preachers discovering Billy Joel, to the more rock infused “Big Mammoth”.  Whilst the band’s songs definitely have quite an immediate and radio friendly feel, their pounding rhythms and lyrical dexterity should ensure they appeal to Indie-Rock and non Indie-Rock fans alike. We had a brief chat with them to find out whether they had their feet firmly on the ground, or their heads in the clouds….

VP: How did the band get together and what the devil is the name all about?

Zak: All of us met at sixth form and after discovering that our taste in music was similar enough and there was a good average skill level, we thought why not. Originally we were called The Aircraft, but after our bassist Isaac disappeared just south of Peru, we hung up the role of bassist and dedicated the band’s name to him (we hope that he  is still out there, somewhere).

VP: How would you describe your music ?

Zak: Indie-Rock-Pop, with heavy piano influences

VP: ….. And who are your all time musical heroes?

Calum: Freddie Mercury
James: Tom Jones
Zak: David Bowie
Martin: Erik Satie

VP:  Your single “Friends Or Foes” is out soon. What’s it all about then ?

Zak: The song is about going away and coming back, to find that everything is not quite how you remembered it to be.

VP:  What sort of things inspire you to write songs?

Zak: Usually my family, but I also like to write about experiences and situations.

VP:  Do you think the Brit awards were fairly representative of the UK music scene in 2008?

Zak: It is a true enough representation of the mainstream culture, but in no way broad enough to encompass all the music that you can find in the UK.

VP:  Are there any releases in 2009 that you’re particularly looking forward to ?

Zak: New Arctic Monkeys

VP:  What sort of state is the music business in at the moment? Major labels seem to be running around like headless chickens trying to claw back control, but others say its a golden age for music with more freedom for artists, legends making comebacks etc ?

Zak: It’s hard to gage, no-one seems to know what’s going on, but with the quantity of new music coming about, it will inevitably continue to change.

VP:  What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Martin: Muse in Berlin 2002
Zak: Foo Fighters @ V festival 2003
Calum: Bloc Party @ O2 (NME Awards)2007
James: Reading 2007

VP:  Five things you hope to achieve in 2009?


1. Have fun .
2. Have more fun.
3. Have slightly more fun .
4. Be predictable and have more fun .
5. Topped off with a healthy dose of fun.

Isaac’s Aircraft release their new EP, Friends & Foes, on April 6th via Crash Records.


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“Feeling Like I’m 41” By Isaac’s Aircraft


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