Miki Berenyi Interview -Part 3. Miki’s Photos (con’t)

Lush’s Miki Berenyi “The Interview 2008” and her personal photo album Part 3( Part 1 is here ,and part 2 here )

Miki Interview 1996


Lush photos 0032

Photo 33

Miki: “Me with Ian Astbury (The Cult) after our gig at the Electric Ballroom in 1996. Chris was an absolutely MASSIVE fan of The Cult (well, back to when they were Southern Death Cult) and met Ian the first time during the Ride tour in 1991 in LA. Ian ended up joining us on stage in LA one unforgettable time to duet on the song Ciao! (the Jarvis duet on Lovelife). The really funny thing though was that when we went through it at the soundcheck, it became obvious that Ian had got a bit confused and thought we were going to cover the Cult’s Edie (Ciao Baby). We’re playing the intro and he’s going “It’s quite skiffle, isn’t it?”. Chris was laughing so hard he could barely play.”

“Ciao!” By Lush (ft. Jarvis Cocker)

Lush photos 0033

Photo 34

Miki: “Interview with ‘Kennedy’ at the MTV Weenie Roast – a big production stadium gig that’s comparable to various media-run roadshows, but this is in a fucking huge stadium. There was a revolving stage so that as one band played, the next band could set up. That was the theory anyway. We were on after The Fugees who, clearly, had been booked into that slot shortly before they spent about a million weeks in the top ten with Killing Me Softly. As a consequence, they weren’t too keen on playing so low down on the bill and turned up late, spent ages setting up and then failed to leave the stage after their third song, a 15-minute rendition of No Woman No Cry. By this time the MTV organisation had had enough and as Lauryn Hill’s soulful vocals released the first strains of their hit song the stage started to revolve slowly and the rapturous cheering turned to boos as Lush appeared, startled and apologetic. Possibly the most Spinal Tap moment of my entire music career.”

Lush photos 0034

Photo 35

Miki : With Mark Gardener (Ride) at Phoenix 1996. I only put this in because I didn’t have any photos from the 1991 tour and we’d had such a lovely time – the band and the crew were all really lovely and it was such a great way to have our first adventure to America.”


Photos 36 Is From Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland) own collection

Lush photos 0030 BIG 1
Photo 37

Miki: “Somewhere on stage – 1993”

Lush photos 0035

Photo 38

Miki: “Photo shoot for Lovelife with the Fiat 500 car.”

“Love At First Sight” By Lush

Lush photos chris 0036

Photo 39

Miki : “My last New Year’s Eve with Chris – Dec 1995 ”

“Light From A Dead Star ” By Lush (A Tribute)


Thank you Miki x

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24 thoughts on “Miki Berenyi Interview -Part 3. Miki’s Photos (con’t)”

  1. Great addiitional pictures, videos and commentary from and on Miki.

    I saw Ian Astbury and The Cult during the mid 1990’s as well.

    Any word if Miki & Ian may have taken a crack at a rendition of “Love Removal Machine”?


  2. WOW What can I say! this is HUGE !
    THanks andy & Miki for sharing
    Still missing lush, come back miki

  3. Thank you Miki! Thank you Andy!….and anyone else involved! This has indeed been the greatest moment of my 2008 thus far.

  4. Thank you for your tireless work to keep Lush alive in our hearts and minds. Lush was one of the first bands I ever saw live back in ’96. Since then I’ve seen probably 100 more shows and nothing even comes close to the ethereal experience of being front row at a Lush show. I remember it like it was yesterday and I would give anything to relive that experience. Miki is a true talent like no other. Thanks for the memories Miki, Emma, Phil and Chris. The memories are priceless and Lush is the most underrated band in history.

  5. I am sooooooooo glad I came across this site. I’ve been wondering for ages what Miki was up to.

    I have been a self confessed Lush addict ever since I got Scar from my local library (on sweet sweet vinyl). Bought that and everything else they did from then on.
    I still regularly force people to listen to them. It’s almost a condition of friendship……… ;D

    It would be nice to see her release some more music, but hey, she’s obviously happy and contented. And isn’t that the main thing??

    Thanks to all involved!!

  6. Thanks Andy! Been a fierce admirer of Lush’ music since early 90’s, was wondering what happened to Miki. Nice to see her cooperating on this, very cool. Cheers!

  7. Miki was an absolute goddess in my eyes. I was at Greenwich Uni in SE London from 1990-93 and Lush were one of my favourite bands at the time. I associate them with a fantastic period of my life. Being at Uni in London was great with all the various gig venues there are. I first came upon them on an indie based music show called Transmission I think (if anyone remembers it) which aired in the early hours on ITV or Channel 4 when they released Mad Love. I saw them numerous times live – Venue in New Cross a few times; Town & Country Club; even a small arts theatre in Colchester. I just remember being totally captivated by Miki, could not take my eyes off her. Even saw her up close in the Camden Underworld one night – I almost fainted!. The Mary Chain were there aswell and my mate Chris, who was a massive fan of theirs, could not resist going up to shake William Reids hand, though not surprisingly he was completely p****d. Good times and my best wishes to Miki. That flame coloured hair is forever imprinted on my mind! Andy

  8. Ohhhh Von Pip. You love Lush too. it’s just toooo perfect, were you sent from heaven?
    This is great I got into Lush and 4AD bands in general bout five yeas back.Love them to bits.

    Natasha (You can call me Tash!! )


  9. Recollecting a vague memory of seeing that amazing red hair on tv coupled with the stunning tunes Ladykillers and 500 when I was 13 in 1996 led me to buy some Lush records online last year. Always knew you were the coolest band on the planet but due to my shyness back then I never really went out to shops and bought records. Lush is probably my favourite band right now so I’m elated that Miki has decided to come back and give interviews at around the same time!!!

  10. These artcles / interviews are fantastic – well done. It’s been so long since I’ve listened to Sweetness & Light!

    I remember meeting Chris on the tube once and within 5 seconds he was sharing chips and within 10 seconds we we organising getting beer in the following weekend. That was it – he would always get me in to see Lush on the various UK tours and was such a friendly chap. I’ll always miss him – just a decent funny guy.

    Good luck to Miki, Emma & Phil – about time that DVD came out, mmm?


    • Thanks for your work on this site. Been rediscovering my faves from high school, and wondering what happened to these guys. Loved them since that first time I saw the video for De-luxe on 120 Minutes. Cool, cute, and talented girls with guitars. Yowza!
      Not sure how much traffic this board gets, but does anyone know the maker of the tight multicolor-paneled dress Miki wore on the early days of the band? She’s wearing it in the pic of her sitting w/ Sky Saxon, as well as in a YouTube vid of them performing Ocean at The Dome. I know it’s a longshot, but I know a lady who would look quite fetching in one like it 😉

  11. Awesome collection of pics, it’s great that Miki is willing to relive and share some of her memories.

    Not to nitpick but the “Weenie Roast” was (and still is) a KROQ (LA radio alt. rock trailblazer) event. Kennedy used to work at KROQ, pre-MTV, so she probably went back to do some interviews and stuff for MTV News.

  12. Miki come back! Your voice really is from outer space, or-from deep inside…What´s the trouble about being 40?
    I am 43 and still able to hold an electric guitar, let´s form a band…äh, nice joke, you say? But at least I hope you´re well….

  13. Great Interview and photo walk-through.
    Glad to hear Miki is well, but sad she doesn’t have the time to create.
    I can understand, I haven’t played out or recorded since the birth of my son 19 months ago.

  14. Brilliant!!! Really enjoyed this. Have been digging out the old indie recentlty and have always wondered what happened to Miki she seemed to just disappear. Thanks to you for putting this together & to Miki for takin the time out to help with it
    I have one question though. Does she still have the trademark red hair?

  15. I live in LA and I was actually there at that ’96 show when Miki sang “Ciao!” with Ian Astbury at the El Rey. That was a great show, I was right up front and I remember Miki just smiling, enthralled, during the instrumental part of “Desire Lines”. Chris would be dead just 6 weeks later, and it was such a sad, sad thing.

    I also saw them in LA in summer ’94 at this place called Luna Park (since changed names) and it was the hottest – physically – show I’d ever been to. The A/C was out and everybody was sweating and miserable, but the band was great, and I recall the stage being so low that I quite literally could have reached out my hand and plucked Phil’s bass strings.

    Thanks for tracking Miki down and thanks to Miki for sharing her memories and photos! She’s really been one of the rock world’s great “Whatever happened to…”s, so it’s great to see her resurface. And I also wonder if she still has the red hair. 🙂

    • Woops, just read above that the red hair’s gone. Oh well. BTW, no, she didn’t duet with Ian on “Love Removal Machine” in LA!

  16. Emma’s Sing-Sing gamely kept the pilot light aflame for about six or even years post-Lush. Well worth investigating.


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