“Too Cool For Skool!”….. Operator Please Interview

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“Get What You Want” By Operator Please

You may well think, when listening to the increasingly irrelevant singles chart, that you can actually hear the death rattle in the hoarse wheezing throat of popular music. This view would be further enhanced, if you were to chance across “Pop Idol” on TV and subjected your ears to Simon Cowell’s favourite brand of overwrought, cruise ship, cabaret, balladeering, yes, it would appear that popular music as an art form, is dead. You would be forgiven if you considered that this style of “talent” show may have brainwashed the public into the belief that this was actually representative of what Pop music should be and reflective of what’s really happening in music at present. Indeed if you were to go into any office in the land it’s highly likely you would overhear a conversation with regard to last weeks” Pop Idol”, possibly about how Leona has grown, not only as a performer, but also as a person, or how Geoff the singing hod carrier from Bury has really embraced “Unchained Melody”, indeed Geoff actually “owned ” that song..…Yes we need help, “Hello ? Hello ? Operator Please ? “….

A browse on t’internt however should quickly remedy the perception that the only viable musical talent out there is discovered by The High Waisted Overlord, his gibbering Leprechaun friend and the pallid, surgically enhanced, self appointed “Best Mum In The World-Like, Ever” Because the truth is there are many new bands producing innovative, joyous music, music that moves people and is making a connection with fans around the world on a level Cowell could only dream about……… Australia’s Operator Please are one such band, their punk pop thrash is a joy to behold, they may only be youngsters but they produce a sound that would have you believe they’ve been playing together for years. From the punk pop novelty of “Just A Song About Ping Pong” to the adrenaline fueled romp of “Get What You Want”, and what can I say about Amandah’s voice ? it’s truly amazing ! These little monkeys have proved that age should never be a barrier to producing wonderful music, and their debut albumYes Yes Vindictive” is one of the most eagerly anticipated releases within the walls of VP Towers. After high profile support spots with the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, Modest Mouse,We Are Scientists And The Go! Team , and a tour of Oz , OP are currently back playing dates in the UK. Surely this is  a band who will take 2008 by the seat of the pants, give it a darn good kicking and put some energy and life back into the charts in the UK …… Mr VP was helped onto his pimped up mobility scooter and met up with Tim from Operator Please to discuss their meteoric rise from school band mates to riotous snarling rock n roll machine! (and the possibility of them recording his song, “Just A Ballad About Salad” ?)

VP: So the story goes you met at High school and got together to win a battle of the bands competition…and a buzz started to grow…how did you get from that point to where you are now?

Tim : We entered lots of competitions and ended up on a compilation CD for mess + noise. We had people contact us after hearing us and seeing us in the magazine.Fast forward half a year and we had managers, an agent and a record label. Since then, we have been working our asses off touring and doing promo so that people know who we are. Everything has been leading up to this first album which has just been released, so I guess we will see if all of our hard work has paid off.

VP: Operator Please? Who came up with the name and what’s it all about?

Tim : It was a joint thing, we all sat down and brainstormed words that we liked, wrote them down on a piece of paper and Operator + Please happened to end up next to each other. There is absolutely no meaning behind it, like the ping pong song, there is no hidden message or story behind the name!

VP :Your debut album’s to be released in Oz in November, is there a different release date for UK/Europe?

Tim : The album is being released on the 10/11/07 in Australia, so its already out. I believe we are releasing the album in the UK in January which will be exciting!It was cool releasing it in Australia and seeing the reaction and I think we are looking forward to seeing how the UK reacts to it because it is a totally different market over there.

VP: You’ve secured your selves some really high profile support slots have you met any heroes?

Tim : Yeah, we supported Arctic Monkeys which was a pretty amazing experience. They were personally one of my favourite bands at the time, and being able to see them 5 times was the biggest thrill! We’d Go out into the crowd (when we were aloud) and watch, it was so much fun. Otherwise some of us would stand side stage and just go crazy!!

VP: How’s the current tour going? Do you get nervous before going on stage?

Tim : We just completed our first national Australian tour after touring in the UK for almost 3 months. It was such a shock to come back after such a long time and see the reaction that we got, because when we left, Just a song about ping pong hadn’t been released, and when we came back everyone knew it, and other songs too! It was soooo much fun playing to an audience who knew our songs. It helps take away nerves, if we have any. For smaller shows, we don’t tend to get nervous, unless there is a family member or a good friend there sometimes some of us will get a light stomach, but its usually gone by the 2nd song anyway.

VP: Do you all like similar music or do each of you have different influences?

Tim :We all have different influences, i think that helps in bringing a different sound to the band. I grew up on alot of jazz stuff, but have grown to love more indie stuff now like Arctic Monkeys, Good Shoes etc. Some of my favourite song writers are John Mayer and Jamie Cullum.

VP: How do you spend your time when travelling on tour? Do you write songs/ read books/watch DVDs play PSP/ Xbox etc ?

Tim :We all tend to spend most of our time listening to music! were big music lovers. If were not needed for anything, well be listening to our ipod. Our other love are computers, Apple Macs. Always searching for the free wireless internet hotspots to check our email and myspaces.

VP: What have been the best things about being in a band so far?

Tim : For me, i absolutely love performing, and I get to travel around the world, doing what i love. I would have to say that is the best thing about being in a band!

VP: People have been surprised at how young you are, but as they say if you’re good enough you’re old enough. Does it bug you that people, even if they are well meaning go on about your age (like I just have ho ho)?

Tim :No, i think were used to it, let them get it out of their system. It is only bugging to us when they talk condescendingly towards us because we are young. I don’t think music should be limited to age, e.g Tiny Masters of Today are 10 and 12. One of Amandahs favourite bands!

VP: Using Australian slang sum yourselves up in five words

Tim : Bloody flamin’ mongrels we are……. (or not)


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“Get What You Want” By Operator Please


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