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A list of bands I’m hoping will, if not become HUGE in 2024 will at the very least, capture the hearts of a much broader audience. In a world where going viral on TikTok seems to be the ultimate goal, and satisfying the mighty algorithm feels like a prerequisite, these bands might help buck that rather undignified trend 🙂 Some are obvious choices, but it would be remiss of me not to include them after championing them last year.  Anyway, here we go. Andy’s Industry Plants. 

The Last Dinner Party

TLDPo7WM AVP scaled

Obviously. After winning an emerging talent BRIT award and the BBC (now Radio 1) Sound Of 2024, and with a debut album coming out in a few weeks, it’s safe to say 2024 looks set to be a big year for The Last Dinner Party. Read my interview with them here and live review here.

Hot Wax

A young trio comprised of Tallulah Sim-Savage on vocals and guitar, Lola Sam on bass, and Alfie Sayers on drums, who formed while at school and have really impressed not just with their releases but their explosive live performances.


Heartworms is the project of London-based musician and military aviation history aficionado JoJo Orme, and she released one of the year’s standout tracks in the shape of “Retributions Of An Awful Life,” which is magnificent—a tune that stops you in your tracks, full of swirling agitation, dark poetry, angular guitars, and propulsive rhythms. It’s genuinely exciting and innovative and light years away from the turgid, unimaginative dung heap that mainstream indie music has become. But instead, here’s the video for her last single.


kaeto3 scaled

Scottish singer-songwriter Kaeto looks set for a big 2024. Stylistically hard to pin down, but with a mesmerizing, timeless quality to her voice and a unique style, she sometimes reminds me of Beth Gibbons, meets Amy Winehouse, meets Massive Attack.

Picture Parlour


Picture Parlour had a great 2023, releasing two singles and intriguing the world to Katherine Parlour’s voice, which ranged from nettle-sting yelp to smoky soulful blues allied to some killer riffs from guitarist Ella Risi. They also found themselves subjected to nonsensical scrutiny after releasing their sparkling debut single, “Norwegian Wood.” You can read my interview with them HERE.


Wisp—the mysterious 19-year-old San Francisco artist whose modern take on shoegaze has quickly attracted a dedicated cult fanbase—burst onto the scene this summer with her debut single “Your Face,” a shoegaze tour-de-force that became a streaming hit and quickly earned her an online following. Since then, she’s released “Once Then We’ll Be Free,” suggesting she’s going to build on her aforementioned following.

Low Girl

Low Girl is the work of multi-instrumentalist Sarah Cosgrove and her bandmates Toby, Tom, and Brad. The band released their debut EP ‘Big Now’ in May 2021 and have continued to increase their fan base while expanding and developing their sound. Their latest single “Icarus” (January 5th, 2024) shows just how far they have come as they gear up for a big year in 2024.

Fat Dog

Led by the captivatingly intense frontman Joe Love, Fat Dog has been making waves since erupting from London’s vibrant South London music scene. Their high-octane live shows have ignited a passionate fan base,as their gigs became something of a word-of-mouth phenomena. The band unleashed their debut single, “King of the Slugs,” last year, and true to their fearless spirit, it was a sprawling seven-minute epic showcasing their ambitious songwriting and genre-defying prowess. Whispers of a debut album abound in 2024, and knowing Fat Dog, it’s bound to be anything but ordinary.

Frankie Archer

Frankie Archer mixes traditional folk music with electronica, to stunning effect. Normally, an artist with titles like ‘O The Bonny Fisherlad’ would have me running for the hills and visualising a hirsute gentleman, clad in corduroys playing C, F, and G, while standing on one leg with his finger in his ear. Frankie brings a fresh youthful perspective to proceedings and looks set to win more fans in 2024.

Noah and the Loners

A young, London-based band fronted by the charismatic Noah Lonergan on vocals and guitar. The full lineup includes Amber Welsh on bass, Joseph Boyle on guitar, and Noah Riley on drums. Whether they’re singing about teenage angst, climate anxiety, or the fight for a better future, their music pulses with a raw, unapologetic passion and old school punk anger. 2023 has seen them carving their own space in the punk scene, blending classic punk vibes with Gen Z’s angst and social awareness.

Lizzie Eseau

Imagine Florence Welch jamming with Wolf Alice while channelling a healthy dose of Ellie Rowsell’s swagger. Lizzie’s music is full of soaring vocals, driving guitars, and thoughtful lyrics that touch on themes of love, identity, and self-discovery. She first piqued our attention with singles like “Bleak Sublime” and “Killer,” and her ability to channel her thoughts and emotions into her music, as seen in the powerful and poignant lyrics of “Stay On the Phone,” written after the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. Her latest single, “Impossible + Strange,” is out on January 12th, 2024, and promises to further solidify her status as a rising star.

The New Eves

The New Eves blend diverse influences such as folk punk, and drone and psych, creating a unique soundscape. Their music manages to be hauntingly beautiful and fiercely energetic, often featuring hypnotic vocals, driving rhythms, and unexpected sonic textures. “Original Sin,” released in July 2023 alongside “Mother,” has showcased their playful exploration of a variety of themes delivered with aplomb.

Deadbeat Girl

Deadbeat Girl is the work of 20-year-old artist and producer Val Olson who hails from South Florida. Deadbeat Girl released their debut EP ‘What Will It Take?’ back in March 2023, one they described as “a coming of age moment, navigating self-acceptance, heartache, and identity with empowering honesty.” At their core, Deadbeat Girl self-describes as “not just a musician, but a lover of music.”

Mary in the Junkyard


“Mary in the Junkyard,” consisting of guitarist and vocalist Clari Freeman-Taylor, bassist and viola player Saya Barbaglia, and drummer David Addison, released their debut single ‘Tuesday’ in October 2023. For those who haven’t caught them live yet, be prepared for a woozy off-kilter brand of avant-post-punk. It’s mesmerizing, propelled by an atmosphere of confusion and chaotic creeping menace. They’ve already been selling out shows in London, and 2024 should see more releases and live dates around the UK and beyond.

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