Crazy Riders Competition

Tour Rider (def) The rider is a list of requests for the comfort of the artist on the day of the show. Sometimes this document is provided along with the technical rider; other times, it is provided much closer to the performance date.

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“Absolut” Power Corrupts Absolutely ! And those nice people at Absolut vodka are on a mission to find out if you can match some of the craziest riders in Rock n’ Roll history. It’s simple, just provide details of your dream rider, and you could win it ! Simply click HERE and let your inner diva go cloud cuckoo stark raving crazy. Remember they can only provide things, not experiences ….shame really cos mine involved a rather fetching domina…..actually lets not go there .

To inspire you here are some of the more outlandish riders of recent times

Van Halen’s now legendary demands for large bowls of M&M’s with all the brown ones removed seemed more Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap. Their riders were also notorious for the sheer volume of alcohol stipulated. One rider specified that their dressing room was to contain a case of beer, a pint of Jack Daniel’s, a pint of Absolut, a 750 ml bottle of Bacardi Añejo rum, three bottles of wine, small bottles of Cointreau and Grand Marnier, and a 750 ml bottle of one of five specific premium tequilla. Oh and six limes, margarita salt, shot glasses, ingredients for Bloody Marys, and a blender. Plus a goat called Alan.

Britney Spears rider demands a private phone line in her dressing trailer –fair enough but she’ll also fine the promoter a mere $5,000 if the number leaks and anyone calls her. Pity I can’t do the same to Indian call centres who invariably ring when I’m eating my tea . Otherwise, the Britster’s tastes are rather, like the lady herself, quite simple: Froot Loops, and Pop Tarts (You are what you eat.)

This is my favourite from good old Uncle Iggy Pop who made a bizarre request for seven dwarves. He also demanded American Spirit cigarettes (which he doesn’t smoke) and broccoli (which he hates). Questioned about this bizarre request, his response was that he wanted the broccoli in order to throw it in the bin –a visual representation of his utter contempt for the green hued relative of the cauliflower family one would imagine …Mind you, we dare not contemplate what he wanted the dwarves for…

Mariah “doesn’t do stairs” Carey is known as queen of the Divas and some of her demands have included bunny rabbits, puppies, and kittens to keep her company backstage, Cristal champagne, and obviously a box of bendy straws to sip it with, and the requirement of a special attendant to take care of all her needs, including insuring her favourite colour of toilet paper was in stock, lovely.

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