Poppy Jean Crawford : The Takeover

Here’s an artist who should be huge but somehow still flies under some people’s radar,( certainly in the UK) which is criminal. She’s always had the voice and the songs, and I remember hearing “Jonesis Gonesis” back in 2020 via this amazing podcast here 😉 and being blown away. Her latest single, “The Takeaway,” is next-level stuff, blurring the line between art pop and alternative pop beautifully.

It sweeps and soars and demonstrates what an incredible, emotive, timeless voice and ear for melody Crawford has. It arrives with a suitably bonkers and brilliant video, directed by Casey Niccoli, shot on a shoestring budget over one day, with the majority of the props and clothing consisting of items already owned by Crawford and friends. “The Takeaway” is from her forthcoming EP, which is all about love, power dynamics, and was made in collaboration with producer James Dring (Blur, Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey).

Born and raised in southern California, Crawford has been performing live since she was 15 and has continually refined her sound through a series of experimental EPs and singles. Perhaps 2023 is the year she does indeed “takeover” as she’s certainly got the talent.

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