Record Of The Day Awards – A Vote For Von Pip Is A Vote For Decency

We’ve been nominated for the  Record of The Day Awards for journalism and PR in the best blog category. So if any of you fancy voting for us this year proceed here

register and vote for The Von Pip Musical Express in the best blog category! Easy peasy and if you don’t … Little Von Pip pixies will die, angels will lose their wings, Bedford Falls becomes Pottersville and  Cowell wins again – Smile

In the past we’ve tried blackmail



Common sense

final cowell

And and a sworn vow

vote vpme2

But this year we thought we’ll show you how easy it is to change the worlds destiny … Wankers may call it a “visual roadmap” or a “results focused flow chart ” … we call it simply  “some arrows on a screen cap”

Small Awards Guide Von Pip

You know it makes sense

Disclaimer: No animals were hurt making this post and sadly neither were ursine, oblong noggined “pop moguls” either 😉

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