LIVERPOOL Psych Fest Compilation & Spoken Word programme




This year’s Liverpool Psych Fest sees the release of two exclusive vinyl releases – one a 12” compilation to mark the 2014 event, and the other a split 7” single featuring another two artists on this year’s bill, and which also marks the first in a series of split 45s.

PZYK0003 is a beauty of a 12” compilation, featuring exclusive tracks by GOAT, ALLAH-LAS, CAMERA, BLACK MEKON and NUEVA COSTA, and an eighteen-minute Eastern odyssey by BONNACONS OF JOY.

PZYK0004 is the first in a brand new PZYK SEVENS series, which we’ve brought to you in conjunction with French Music UK/bureauexport. The split 7” features ZOMBIE ZOMBIE’s derriere-shaking version of New Order’s Blue Monday B-side ‘The Beach’, with the reverse containing ORVAL CARLOS SIBELIUS’ ‘Asteroids’, one of the stand-out moments from their 2013 record ‘Super Forma’ on Clapping Music.

Berlin-based electro krautrick trio CAMERA appear with an unheard cut from the sessions that formed their brand new LP ‘Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide’ (Bureau B Records). ‘Salamantra’ careers along on a relentless tick-tock beat, and contains an insanely catchy riff in its noodling melody.

Both records will only be available to purchase at this year’s festival, from the PICCADILLY RECORDS’ WORLD OF WAX WONDERS pop-up record shop. This will be the point of sale for all merchandise this year, including a host of rarities, collectable and fresh wax cuts from artists on this year’s bill (and beyond), and the Piccadilly crew will also be running a crèche system as part of the service, taking care of your purchases while you enjoy the festival.

Spoken Word Programme: On the Saturday afternoon of Liverpool Psych Fest 2014, there is a series of panel discussions to ruminate over the varied strands of psychedelia, things that are discussed far and wide in our global psychedelic community. Housed in our PZYK Cinema space, the informal ‘ADVENTURES AT THE OUTER REACHES’ spoken word symposium features chats with the leading protagonists of the variety of scenes, as well as artists and labels featured at this year’s festival. Each panel will take the form of a leisurely conversation, interspersed with music brought by the panelists, all while reclining in comfort on the chairs and beanbags in the Cinema space.

The discussions include: the occult psychedelia movement of Rome, with The Wire’s Joseph Stannard and Lay Llamas’ Nicola Giunta; a generation piloting the Rocket Recordings mothership, with the label’s Chris Reeder and Johnny O, and Jimmy Martin from Teeth Of The Sea; the emergence of the Stockholm set, with Luke Reilly (PNKSLM), Henric Herlenius (The Janitors) and chaired by Drowned in Sound’s Dom Gourlay; the boom of Frenchedelia, featuring panelists Goulwen Ory (Sudden Death Of Stars), David McKenna (French Music Export), Guillaume Paysant and Tristan Gaudiaut from the Exploring Spastic Inevitable blog, and Sonic Cathedral’s Nathaniel Cramp as chair. There will also be a panel with esteemed British writer David Stubbs (The Guardian, NME, Uncut) around the subject of his book ‘Future Days’, which discusses the beginnings and impact of the krautrock movement, which sprang up in a fertile, orphaned German landscape. David Stubbs will be in discussion with The Quietus’ Julian Marszalek for this session, which promises to be a highlight.


Adventures At The Outer Reaches

In the Cockpit With Rocket Recordings / 1.30PM
Christopher Torpey (Bido Lito! Magazine) – Chair
Chris Reeder (Rocket Recordings)
Johnny O (Rocket Recordings)
Jimmy Martin (Teeth Of The Sea)

A Journey Through Cosmic Sweden / 2.30PM
Dom Gourlay (DiS) – Chair
Luke Reilly (PNKSLM)
Henric Herlenius (The Janitors)
Joel Borg (Luger)
Jocke Åhlund (Les Big Byrd)

Future Days: Krautrock And The Building Of Modern Germany / 3.30PM
Julian Marszalek (The Quietus) – Chair
David Stubbs (Author)

Dark Arts Of The Eternal City / 4.30PM
Joseph Stannard (The Wire) – Chair
Nicola Giunta (Lay Llamas)

A New Frenchedelia / 5.30PM
Nathaniel Cramp (Sonic Cathedral) – Chair
Guillaume Paysant (Exploring Spastic Inevitable)
Tristan Gaudiaut (Exploring Spastic Inevitable)
David McKenna (French Music Export)
Julien Rohel (Clapping Music)
Sudden Death Of Stars

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