Michael Jackson Considers Reunion Tour


With news that Michael Jackson is considering touring with his brothers Neal Zetter joins the VPME to offer some words of advice

“Are you black
Are you Caucasian
Are you Chinese
Are you Asian
Or are you the start of an alien invasion
Michael Jackson

I always preferred you when
You wore a tank top
And sung Ben
But something happened
Something snapped
Now you’re not what I’d call a regular chap
But someone who has had a major mishap
With a tin of magnolia paint
Get it into your head: DIANA ROSS YOU AIN’T
You’re Michael Jackson

You brought us Thriller, Dangerous and Bad
Then you went completely mad
You are a sight
Were you being ironic when you sung
“It don’t matter if you’re black or white”
You look so shite
I bet you’re fully booked every Halloween night
Michael Jackson

A grown man
Living in Neverland
Playing games that should be banned
You and Gary Glitter use the same PC
How many noses have you had – 23?
Michael Jackson

Now you’ll have to dodge the flak son
Put away your dirty mack son
Quit your antics in the sack son
Get yourself on the right track son
Paparazzi’s on your back son
You will have to face the facts son
And stop acting like a prat son
You’re not white – you are black son
You are not an Anglo-Saxon”

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