Noisey Launches New Music Channel – “You Need to Hear This”

Vice’s Noisey platform has teamed up with Phillips to bring you “You Need to Hear This”  A new channel that celebrates the music nerd in all of us. Their mission is to highlight the best new artists as well as reporting on the most exciting and original stories emerging from the world of music.

The Noisey Youtube channel launched in February 2012 with M.I.A’s “Bad Girls”, and the VICE-produced A$AP Rocky video, “Wassup”.  Since then, the channel has created and hosted a huge variety of online content: covering everyone from David Lynch to Odd future, welcoming nearly 270K subscribers and recording over 150 million views from all around the globe.

Philips has been pioneering advancements in audio for almost a century. They have been responsible for numerous ground-breaking products including portable radio, the compact cassette and recorder, compact disc, and wireless Hi-Fi: all of which have transformed the way we enjoy sound today.

Phillips And noisey

With the proliferation of buzz blogs and music journalists all rushing with indecent haste to find “the next big thing ‘You Need To Hear This’ promises to deal in quality bringing exclusive documentaries, live events, and delivering new music in ways you have never heard before. To that end as well as highlighting fantastic new talent such as Chvrches for example, YNTHT filmed a road trip Mongolia with UK band, Is Tropical,  – as they embark on a tour of this vast country and become one of the first Western bands to ever perform there .

We were invited to the launch party last week which featured a DJ set from Radio 1’s Jen Long. Jen also appears in the  “You Need To Hear This  Heritage Trilogy” a series of three films exploring the resurgence of vinyl, tape and radio amongst young people today, in spite of 21st century technological omnipotence. Jen talks passionately about her ongoing love of cassette culture and her tape only ‘record’ label;  Kissability

Jen Long

The first film in the series follows 6 Music DJ Tom Ravenscroft at Record Store Day, as he investigates vinyl addiction – a habit he picked up from his Dad; NTS Radio’s birthday party provides the final film’s backdrop and explores radio culture, past and present.

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  1. Good to see big corporations like Phillips supporting grass roots music – the traditional media, particularly television seems to have lost the plot – lets hope that more corporations follow the lead set by the likes of Phillips, Ford, Diesel, Red Bull etc etc to help bring wider exposure to quality music.


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