Recommended Gigs April 2018

Recommended Gigs April 2018  

EVANESCENCE – Mon 2nd Apr  O2 Apollo Manchester,

Beneath the huge stadia razing tunes award winning multi-platinum selling American alt-rockers EVANESCENCE where always one of the more interesting U.S. acts that emerged in the mid 90’s. And that was due in no small part to singer and founding member Amy Lee’s stunning mezzo-soprano vocal which gave the band their dramatic dynamic. Indeed the band and Lee have been credited with being hugely influential in establishing a global, critical mass for women in rock.  But it wasn’t always that way, their biggest hit ‘Bring Me To Life contained a rap that Lee has since confirmedwasn’t part of our original idea or sound, it was a compromise in many ways.’  Indeed it was the industry ‘suits’ insisting that a rock song needed a male counterpoint, to give it mass appeal tacitly implying that a female vocal might be unpalatable to the influential, but regressively macho world of ‘rock radio.’  It must, therefore, be hugely satisfying for Lee, over 20 years later to still be selling out shows and huge arenas around the globe .

April Gigs 2018
Photo : Paul Brown

The band’s current tour sees them employing a full orchestra to perform their latest album ‘Synthesis.’ The album features reworkings of some of EVANESCENCE’s best-loved songs. But this album isn’t EVANESCENCE unplugged,  instead, the songs are given a fresh impetuous and the arrangements draw out the bands cinematic, widescreen sound. In many ways the emotion and depth, somehow seems bigger unmasked from more traditional goth/rock styling’s making it an intense and dramatic experience. And you’ll be able to hear ‘Bring Me To Life’ minus the ‘compromise rap.’ | | ||

Holly Miranda – Sunday 22nd April 2018 @ Night And Day Cafe Manchester – Get Tickets HERE

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Hot on the heels of her latest album ‘Mutual Horse’ American singer-songwriter  Holly Miranda’s arrives in the UK for a handful of dates.  The album is quite possibly her finest and most consistent work to date. Her voice has always been incredible and on this collection of songs, it soars, seduces, consoles and uplifts you can read our review here and get tickets  – HERE for what promises to be a special night from an incredibly talented artist.

 Bryan Ferry – Wed 11th Apr – @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall 

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There’s a glaringly obvious joke here about ‘Ferry across the Mersey’ which we won’t be making, ahem. At 72 Bryan Ferry remains as stylish and enigmatic as ever, as smooth as a freshly buttered bannister in fact.   One should never underestimate the influence Roxy Music have had on music and pop culture, they were a band who arguably invented art rock mixing prog, glam, electronica and off-kilter pop to come up with a radical new sound that was unlike anything around at the time. Indeed Roxy’s earliest champion was none other than John Peel.

Ferry’s recent solo tours have been greeted with glowing reviews from critics and fans alike.  This gig will doubtless demonstrate why he has such enduring appeal from his avant-garde provocateur early years, to the rakish, sophisticated crooner. And as an additional extra draw support comes from the marvellous Juanita Stein who we’ve been a supporter of since she emerged with her band Howling Bells over a decade ago. You can read our recent interview with Juanita HERE  and get tickets  HERE

Shame –  06 Apr 2018- @ District  Liverpool

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South London’s Shame articulate their anger and dissatisfaction with a laser-like precision. Their debut album ‘Songs Of Praise’, not apparently inspired by Thora Hird is a remarkably accomplished debut album that is infinitely more accessible than the provocative chaos of the Fat Whites. Not unlike Idles Shame sound like the real deal in terms of the new breed of politically engaged bands, mixing anger, wit and guile with compelling gutter poetry.

Goat Girl – Thursday, 12 Apr 2018 @The Shipping Forcast, Liverpool.Get Tickets HERE  

Goat Girl 01
Goat Girl aka Clottie Cream, Rosy Bones, Naima Jelly and L.E.D – obviously their real names, play Liverpool a week after the release of their self-titled album.  There’s been an underground buzz about the band for quite some time, and with each release, Goat Girl seem to make huge strides. They produce a compelling mix of garage.psych and agitpop combined with a D.I.Y. ethic and often the band’s music veers off from expected tangents to produce something fiercely hypnotic and lyrically compelling.

Trampolene  – Wednesday, 18 Apr 2018 @ EBGB’s, Liverpool

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Trampolene 12

Ok so last time Trampolene where in town we wrote the following “There are some gigs that transcend the normal live music experience, gigs that are so uplifting and powerful that merely writing about them could never do them justice.  Swansea trio Trampolene’s gig at the Magnet last week in Liverpool was certainly one of those occasions when ‘you had to be there’ to fully appreciate it.  It was quite simply a magnificent, adrenaline-fuelled riotous night that defied convention and redefined what a live music gig can be”   Full article and Photos HERE

They are back in Liverpool performing at EBGBs in April and they are quite simply a must-see live band

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