Riots and Indie Music.

The recent looting and destruction in London and beyond saw 165 independent record labels lose a huge amount of stock on Monday night as a  Sony distribution  warehouse in  Enfield  was burnt to the ground in a pointless and wanton act of pointless wantonness, which let’s face it was far more stupid and senseless  than any Will Ferrell movie.

So  PLEASE, support them by purchasing downloads, these labels aren’t ‘THE MAN’  and many might not survive such a body blow. Labels such as Sonic Cathedral, who introduced me to artists like  Sarabeth Tucek are in it for the love of great music and not to get rich quick on the back of   X factor style shite.

“Get Well Soon” – Sarabeth Tucek.

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Sarabeth Tucek -Smile For No One



Below is a statement from PIAS  and there’s a spreadsheet HERE of all those labels affected

[PIAS] have been overwhelmed by the response and incredible support offered to both ourselves and the labels that we represent here in the UK.

Labels and artists affected by the destruction of the Sony DADC warehouse are faced with incredible pressures on their businesses in respect to the re-manufacture, re-supply and marketing required as a result of the fire. Whilst it is expected that insurance will cover the lost stock, the reality for many labels is that they will not be compensated or insured for an interruption of trade or the additional capital to reproduce the stock that they have lost and the promotion in which they have invested.

[PIAS] have been working around the clock to ensure that the wheels of supply continue to turn as soon as possible. [PIAS] and AIM (Association of Independent Music) have been in dialogue with MCPS, PPL and other companies and organisations to discuss ways in which these additional and un-insured costs can be mitigated.

Additional efforts from [PIAS] range from securing preferential rates with suppliers for affected labels; encouraging digital retail initiatives to drive and promote digital sales whilst physical stocks replenish; conducting negotiations to reduce fees that might be charged to labels in the normal course of business.

The last 48 hours has seen a genuine outpouring of support for the principle of independent labels, artists and repertoire. [PIAS] and our labels have received offers of support from both some of the largest names in the business to individuals, all of which simply want to do all they can to support the continued vibrancy and creativity associated with independent music.

In addition to the efforts to reduce actual costs through negotiation, and in response to the numerous offers of support, benefits, fundraising initiatives etc, [PIAS] have worked in conjunction with AIM to create a fund that companies and organisers of initiatives can contribute to. In this way, we have created a vehicle for enabling those involved to do so safe in the knowledge that such monies will be distributed fairly amongst the most needy labels with the sanction of both [PIAS] and AIM.

Kenny Gates, Co-Founder and CEO, [PIAS] “The fund that is being put together in a matter of hours by [PIAS] and AIM demonstrates once again the strength and solidarity in the independent music community. [PIAS] will carry on engaging, helping and supporting its labels and artists in every way possible. I am very confident that our combined efforts will result in the smallest interruption to our collective business. Again the compassion of our recording artists, our labels and the industry wide support is amazing.”

Whilst the specific details of distribution are yet to be determined and our current priority is to support the immediate needs of the labels and artists that we work with, we are also keen to establish a vehicle for the incredible generosity that has been shown towards our labels and associated artists.

Details regarding how to contribute and who to contact:


Sort Code – 18 00 02 – Add any special references

Swift code – coutgb22
Iban – GB91COUT 18000207699611

Alison Wenham from AIM commented:

“The independents will survive this disaster, as they have survived other business challenges. We represent a community which has a mutual respect for the work of all indie labels, be they large or small, and the industry needs to nurture and protect these small companies in times like this. We wish to thank everyone in the community for their generous and unfettered support”.

Martin Mills, Chairman of the Beggars Group (XL, 4AD, Matador, etc), said:

“Larger labels are much better resourced to weather this storm – but small and new labels are the future and need support from their peers to see them through this crisis.”

Daniel Miller, Founder, Mute said:

“Following the sad events surrounding the fire at the Sony DADC warehouse which houses [PIAS]’s physical distribution, it is crucial that the independent community stands together to ensure the ongoing business of the labels so badly affected. Mute supports any initiatives that will enable this to happen.”

Anyone wishing to contact [PIAS] and AIM in respect to this fund should email: [email protected]

2 thoughts on “Riots and Indie Music.”

  1. Its a horrible shame about that warehouse.

    I can never condone that kind of senseless destruction.

    Cheers to you Andy, for posting this.

    There are many of us spreading the word about this.

    I’m hoping that most of these labels can somehow survive their terrible losses.

  2. What a shit riot, burn a Fecking bank, KPMG, Credit Suiss, RBS, The Toffs, every off-shore tax dodging tniveihg twat, everything on Wall Street George, David and NIck the lying twat clegg, Yeh Revolution lets burn a distribution Warehouse. I fear we are doomed if that is the best the youth can express, utterly lame, they need how to riot lessons. All the best to the chaps at Stolen, we need all the labels we can get these days. Really saddened to hear about this bullshit, I saw it on the TV a couple of weeks ago. Really annoying, like we all don’t have enough stupidity in our midst right now.


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