Strangeways Here We Come – The VPME Joins Strangeways Radio!

Exciting news from Von Pip Towers,  we will be hosting a weekly show on Strangeways Radio very soon. Strangeways is  a commercial free internet radio station and blog celebrating under-appreciated music in the genres of Synthpop, Dream Pop, Brit Pop, Shoegaze, Cold Wave, Post Punk, Trip Hop, Dream Pop, Goth, Dark Wave, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, and Alternative Classics.

Funnily enough our mother always told us we’d end up in Strangeways, so she was almost right 😉  Amongst it’s celebrated DJ’s the likes of  Simon Raymonde, Mark Burgess, Will Sergeant, Ulrich Schnauss and Nat Cramp from Sonic Cathedral records have all graced the airwaves. Watch this space for more details and in the meantime for  information and updates you can head over to Strangeways Facebook page to find out more about it’s history and ethos [ie/ Providing listeners with an alternative to the repetitive, mine rotting, ear hacking off  SHITE on soulless commercial radio.]  And in time honoured facebook tradition why not “like ” their facebook page, because when you do, a little part of what passes for Simon Cowell’s withered little soul dies….  🙂


You can listen live HERE

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