The Jesus And Mary Chain Photo History.


Will the rise of eBook mean that printed, tangible, three dimensional books will be only fit for “kindling?” That ebook’s will do for the written world what the mp3 has done for music ?  Personally I’m pretty much sold on my Kindle and am currently enjoying the rather delicious irony of  reading “Fahrenheit 451” in paperless form.

However the Kindle wouldn’t really do  The Jesus and Mary Chain’s new “coffee table” book justice. Hot on the heels of the sumptuous reissues of the bands studio albums as  expanded deluxe editions, and recently announced gigs in the U.S.  this rather lovely object of desire by renowned music photographer Andrew Catlin presents a pictorial history of the band. It also features some amazing never seen before photos and includes lyrics and anecdotes from Jim Reid and his wife Julie, it’s a must for die-hard fans and also will serve as a valuable fashion lesson for new bands in how to attain that effortlessly cool look.  It can be ordered by clicking this link HERE   and previewed below

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