Welcome To The New Site


Good morning, starshine. The earth says hello”   erm…Okaaaay.…..

Welcome to the brand spanking new VPME site. We thought after almost four years of constant blogging and swimming through ear rotting effluence in search of musical pearls it was time to upgrade and give things a bit of a spit and a polish.

We’ll still aim to bring you the same mix of  new music, interviews, free downloads and inane apoplectic ranting as we have always done, but with some new features and functionality . The sites pretty easy to navigate but any glitches please let us know.

Of course we could prepare a step by step walk through, possibly based on Queen guitarist Brian May’s own mind-fuck of a template to navigate his site, but life’s too short to be patronised by a curly bonced millionaire rock star innit?

Brian May websites made easy!!

If there are any budding writers/reviewers or photographers out there please do get in touch as we have reached the stage where we are deluged with more new music, interview requests and gig and festival invites than you could shake a stick at or indeed, a tail feather to, and therefore we inhabit a twilight world in which the temptation to succumb to a dissolute lifestyle is but a heartbeat away.

Thanks to ManScared.com for providing the technical genius and  displaying zen like calm and serenity whilst getting the site up and running and we hope you like the new layout. Now back to the music…

or perhaps…


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