Zugme launch their CitySocial campaign

An inspiring new social media network, Zugme have launched their CitySocial campaign. Their site now allows you to upload and group music by city, to promote your local music scene across the globe with audio, video, text and photography functions.

Zugme’s CitySocial campaign helps to close the gap between digital and real life in an explosion of audio-visual colour. Thanks to their topic @ city structure, they make it easy for scene purveyors, artists and fans to congregate and discuss local talent. Full Youtube and Vimeo integration does the hard work for you, while their multimedia comment function allow you to contribute to the discussion with your own special take, simultaneously promoting your scene to the outside world.

What’s more, their iFollow and myPeople functions allow music industry professionals to communicate directly with fans, orchestrating a well-planned method of attack on the senses, and offering a crucial and protected space for likeminded users to engage with one another.

Plenty of music tastemakers have already caught onto Zugme’s CitySocial campaign, with DrunkenWerewolf, God is the TV and many more currently uploading content from their cities for your viewing pleasure. Not to forget the multiple musicians and bands active on the site, Zugme really does present engaging and crucial discussion about music the world over.

Sign up and join in today, and follow Zugme on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


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