In Pictures : Liam Gallagher At Manchester Arena – 16.12.17

Phil Greenhalgh provides a photo review for Liam Gallagher’s return to Manchester Arena for a triumphant and at times emotional climax to 2017. Support came from VPME favourites ‘Trampolene’, performing in a venue a world away from one of our gig-of-the year performances at Magnet in November (HERE)  followed by urban indie hip-rock from Rat Boy.



Liam gallagher
Phil G Liam gallagher 8
Phil G Liam gallagher 5 mono
Phil G Liam gallagher 2
Phil G Liam Gallagher 4
Phil G liam gallagher 6
Phil G Liam gallagher 9


Phil G trampolene 1
Phil G trampolene 3
Phil G trampolene 4
Phil G trampolene 2

Rat Boy
Phil G Rat Boy 1
Phil G Rat boy 3
Rat Boy

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