The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast – May 2012 – Episode 13

The VPME’s semi legendary  podcast returns, featuring old faves from The Cocteau Twins, New Order, The Mary Chain, Curve  plus guest intros from Jim Bob of Carter USM,  Curxes, Jennifer Left, Velvet Two Stripes, Deathline and Poppy And The Jezebels amongst others. As ever you can  find more information with regard to many of these artists by searching about this here site.

Just click the play button in the centre of the image below to join your hosts Ringo Von Pip and somebody who sounds suspiciously (or should that be schpiciouschly)  like 007  🙂




5 thoughts on “The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast – May 2012 – Episode 13”

  1. Every one gets better and better. Without doubt my favourite podcast online, and love the RIngo and Bond impressions. The music is of course, amaze x


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