The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast October 2012 – Ep 15

As rare and as beautiful as a unicorns horn and as occasionally disturbing as a horny unicorn, the legendary┬á VPME Podcast returns with a mixture of music from the past, the present, and the future! Guests include Jim Reid from The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pauline Murray from Penetration/ Invisible Girls, Faith from one of the best new acts of 2012 PINS, plus Carter from Waves of Fury. There’s the usual mix of the old and the new, with the likes of The Sisters Of Mercy, Curve and a new track from Ian McCulloch nestling next to bands such as September Girls, Sissy And The Blisters and Selebrities.

Also featuring some of the best of our weekly radio show on Strangeways Radio and is that Christopher Walken Al Pachino AND James Gandolfini??!!

To listen you’ll need an internet connection and of course ears, simply press the green button below for aural stimulation.

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