2007 And All That..The Heroes, The Villains


“Blitzed” By the Raveonettes

Songs Of The Year : (released and unreleased)
1. Blitzed- The Raveonettes
2. Lasso- The Duke Spirit
3. Crucify – Screaming Ballerinas
4. So Much For Love – Slow Down Tallahassee
5. Weight Of The World-Editors
6. Goodbye- Asobi Seksu
7. Apartment Store -The National
8. Somewhere -The Hot Puppies
9 The Last Significant Statement- The Indelicates
10.That’s Not My Name- Ting-Tings
11.Silently-Blonde Redhead
12 Jessica -Screaming Ballerinas
13.Adrennaline- Emma Pollock
14.The Towering Inferno- Lucky Soul
15. Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Very Drunk-The Wedding Present

“Goodbye” By Asobi Seksu


Albums Of The Year:
1. Lust, Lust, Lust -The Raveonettes
2. An End Has A Start-Editors
3. Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes- Pony Up
4. The Great Unwanted -Lucky Soul
5 In Our Bedroom After The War-Stars
6 Citrus-Asobi Seksu
7 Sound Of Silver- LCD Soundsystem
8 Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arctic Monkeys
9 We Live And Die In These Towns – The Enemy
10 Lady’s Bridge- Richard Hawley
11 Made Of Bricks -Kate Nash
12. 23- Blonde Redhead
14. Into The Blue – Charlotte Hatherley
15. Overpowered – Roisin Murphy

“The Night Starts Here” By Stars


Gigs Of The Year:
1. Editors ( Liverpool )
2, The Pipettes (Manchester)
3. The Wedding Present (Liverpool)

Remix Of The Year :
Let’s Dance To Joy Division – The Wombats -KGB Remix

Heroes Of The Year:
Miki Berenyi
Laura Trouble
Nick Levine
Bec Newman
Rose Dougall
Juila Indelicate
David Gedge
Jason Christie
Tony Wilson
Mikey Guitar

Villains Of The Year :
Tony Blair
David Cameron
Gordon Brown
Connor Mc Nicholas
Johnny Borrell
John Sim
Spice Girls
Simon Cowell
Chris Moyles

TV Of The Year :
Extras (Xmas special)
Dr Who

Discoveries Of The Year:
Screaming Ballerinas
Fight Like Apes
Slow Down Tallahassee
Paloma Faith
Lilly Rae
The Pan I Am (well sort of new!)

Comeback Of The Year:
The Jesus & Mary Chain
The Wedding Present

Films Of The Year :
The Future Is Unwritten
The Last King Of Scotland
The Departed (ok so it’s basically a remake-but in a terrible year for movies all the above stood head and shoulders above the dirge)

Disappointments Of The Year ;
“Lucio Starts A Fire” – Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong (oh dear, I think there must be much better in their arsenal)
Avril, regressing musically to the level of a 6 year old and sharing the world view of a 12 year old-hardly a progression, artistically eh! Next year will see Avril riding a trike, and making romper suits the must have leisure wear item.
The finale of Dr Who (If that made sense to ya then lay off the LSD )
“Panic Prevention“-Jamie T ( After the majesty of “Sheila” I was expecting so much more)
Monkey Swallows The Universe- Split (?)
Regina Spektor Live (Liverpool) (Flat, and slightly dull -the “kooky” behaviour between songs just grated after a while)
“Neon Bible” – Arcade Fire
“The Good, the Bad & the Queen” – The Good, the Bad & the Queen
The Hot Puppies gigs cancellation (sniffle)


Quotes Of The Year ;
“Kaiser Chiefs just scare me. Every single one of them looks like a weird scary ventriloquist dummy. Specially the little man with the hat.”- Linda Hollywood (Havana Guns)

“Settle Down” Dogwood

“What gets me is that we really don’t have stars anymore. Bowie looked like he was from another planet, and behaved like a star – you’ve got to be a bit arrogant and tread that fine line, but few people really do anymore. The Internet has made bands / people too accessible – and that weird desire that everyone has to be ‘really normal, actually’ is bollocks. What’s interesting about being normal?”
Ollie Pound (Screaming Ballerinas)

“We’ve never seen anybody who looks like Andy, dance the way Andy does” – Monster Bobby

“I’ve never heard that Alanis-thing before. I am not naked with a blurred crotch in my videos! I’ve never been to India! I fully understand the actual meaning of the word “ironic”! I’ve never even done a cameo on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” –Marit Bergman

“I have never seen anything referring to me as the male Yoko Ono before” –Simon Indelicate (the Indelicates)-Interview coming soon!

“After reading Cheryl Coles’s comments branding me a “chick with a dick” I was feeling pretty low. I know I’ve said bad things about people in the past but this is mean… I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune. I must say taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying, your mother must be so proud, stupid bitch.” –Lilly Allen on the ever intelligent Girls Aloud WAG, Cheryl Cole

“F**k Girls Aloud. I’d rather be a fat chick with a dick, than an F**king asshole. It’s hard to feel good when magazines say you’re ugly, so I know how Lily feels.”-Beth Ditto

“One minute I’m waiting for Kate to arrive to join me in the Jacuzzi for a romantic evening. The next thing I can remember is doing cold turkey in a vomit-filled cell.” Pete Doherty

“It’s like people going up to Paul McCartney and saying: ‘So, Paul, who’s this fool, and where’s this hill? This is what we’re up against. This is what Kurt Cobain had to put up with. And what did he do? He blew his head off.” – Kaiser Chiefs Nick Hodgson on people asking who Ruby is –(Comparing themselves to the Beatles and Nirvana? -hahahaha ! So please people keep asking who Ruby is , there’s still hope!)

“Johnny Borrell is an idiot, he just makes trouble for himself. Having his own tour bus or chauffeured car that drives behind? And at Reading apparently he had his own dressing room, his own tent that was his. I mean what’s that about?” –Tom Clarke -The Enemy

“Conor doesn’t understand how the relentless stream of “cheers mate, got pissed last night, ha ha” interviews that clutter every single issue of the ‘new’ NME are simply not interesting to those of us who have no trouble standing upright.” Morrissey on NME’s Connor McNicholas

Breakthrough Acts;
Those Dancing Days
Operator Please
Kate Nash
The Enemy

Big or Bigger Next Year ?
Strange Idols
Screaming Ballerinas
The Hot Puppies
Fight Like Apes
Howling Bells
The School
Kat Flint
The Ting Tings
Paloma Faith
The Indelicates
The Hussy’s
Havana Guns
Black Kids
Asobi Seksu
The Duke Spirit
Cut Off Your Hands
Let’s Wrestle
Lucy And The Caterpiller
The Hot Melts

“Crucify” By Screaming Ballerinas


Nicest Waistcoat
1. Ollie Pound (Screaming Ballerinas)
2. Joe Lean – (Joe Lean And The JJJ)

Worst Lyrics

1 French Dog Blues -Babyshambles

“I model lack lustre panicky in vain search for the remedy
No words only melody come so I take the day off
My love, my love, she sits with me, I love, I love her company”

2. Tranquilize– The Killers

Always here, always on time
Close call, was it love or was it just easy
Money talks when people need shoes and socks,
Steady boys, I’m thinking she needs me”

and of course
“Acid rain, when Abel looked up at Cain
We began the weeping and wailing
A hurried high from pestilence pills and pride,
It’s a shame, we could have gone sailing “

3. Ruby-Kaiser Chiefs

Due to lack of interest tomorrow is cancelled
Let the clocks be reset and the pendulums held
‘Cos there’s nothing at all ‘cept the space in between
Finding out what you’re called and repeating your name”

(so who is Ruby? ;))

4. Good Life – Kanye West

Have you ever popped champagne on a plane
While gettin some brain
Whipped it out, she said “I never seen snakes on a plane”

Genius or a slightly childish. Misogynistic or new man?

Y’all pop the trunk, I pop the hood, Ferrari
And she got the goods
And she got that ass, I got to look, sorry
Yo it’s got to be cause I’m seasoned
Haters give me them salty looks, ….”

Oh dear !

Videos Of The Year

The Truth About Cats And Dogs ( Is That They Die ) By Pony Up


“Serious” – By Richard Hawley



0 thoughts on “2007 And All That..The Heroes, The Villains”

  1. RE: Ollie Pound’s entire quote about “what’s interesting about being normal?” Isn’t this what punk tried to break down in the first place? What’s so special about inaccessible stars? Also, is he ignoring the attention the internet has given him? Is he so special himself?

    Anyway, surely all artists have something special about them; otherwise they wouldn’t do what they do. Lou Barlow, Daniel Johnston, Jad Fair and Calvin Johnson were special (to me, anyway) and were around long before the internet, yet they were – to varying degrees – accessible musicians. The thing is they were also incredibly inspiring because of the music they created. Who cares about star power? How does that help anyone anyway? I would be the first to admit that I don’t have star power myself, but does that make my music less valid? If so, why? To me, star power is all about living vicariously though other people. Fuck that. Sexton Ming has inspired me more than Bowie ever could.

    Love and everyday shit,

  2. Maybe the point is people these days almost “demand” accesibility and maybe Ollies talking about there being a bit of lack of mystique and mystery. I’ve seen it via myspace , whereby the fan who doesn’t get an immeadiate response from their fave band starts to sulk and brood ….next minute it’s “oh they are so big headed, they are so phoney” etc, suddenly they’ve gone all “Catcher In The Rye” have developed a nasty bout of the Holden Caulfields, are obsessing about Jodie Foster and are trying to get access to firearms….Don’t get me wrong, it’s great when a band /artist does respond , but to excpect it as some sort of right, well, I think thats maybe asking a little too much…

    Thats not to say be totally aloof with fans, and act like a nobhead like Johnny Borrell, but then again you dont want a gang of crazies sitting in your front porch when you return home after every gig either, saying “We’ve boiled you some lovely rabbit,enjoy..” . I see it as Ollies talking about balance here…..and yeah -what’s interetsting about being “normal” -Personally I like bands who make a bit of an effort and dont look like they’ve just clocked off at Vauxhalls, been the pub and decided to roll onto stage, or the lass on stage looks like shes just about to measure my feet for a pair of “Clarkes Bravo Strides” . This isnt being snobby it’s about expecting a little bit of glamour and effort from musicians, because after all it’s a show, it’s entertainment , yes the music is the most important thing, but doing it with a bit of style never did any harm- and he’s right in the sense that your Kates and your Lillys managers do play the “I’m dead normal,me” card , which is again just another way of marketing an act really. Try have to have a drink or a chat with your Kates and your Lillys after a gig these days and a big burly tatooed bloke called Keith with anger management issues will probably step in and move you along to the “oridnary folks” enclosure, so they aint reallythat normal and fair enough. It really depends on how one defines “accessible” …..There’s also the issue of the “cheapening” of celebrity , whatever “celebrity” means, the fame for fames sake gang. As a kid I vaguely recall chatshow hosts like Sarky Narkinson interviewing people who had glamour, style and an aura about them, Liz Taylor/Richard Burton, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Pachino/De Niro, Richard Harris Sinatra, and these days before retirement (and the longest goodbye in TV history) Narkinson interviewed such celebrated names such as the latest reality show winner, or Jordan or the likes of Victoria Beckham and ermm Michael Buble. WOW !
    Hmmm maybe this Xmas flu is making me feverish…..

  3. Andy old son,

    Very kind of you to include me in your 2007 listings. I have very much enjoyed perusing the pages of the Von Pip Express, most illuminating to be kept so reliably informed on the doings of popular culture these days.

    I’ll tell you the one thing that gets right up my crack these days. When I pick up a copy of Hello n the barbers or in the lady coifferuteries when accompanying my ladyfriend Roschld, I often find myself on the receiving end of advice by the likes of Colleen McLoughlin or that fiend that looks like Julie Walters and does party spreads using Iceland produce. To have them ninnies tell me what I should be thinking about world affairs sets my blood to boiling point.

    I tell you another thing that’s really aggravating my Rockfords these days. Catherine Bloody Tate. She’s everywhere that one. I had to endure that cesspool of cringeability again this week when the skit with that ponce Blair was repeated on the BBC. The one where Blair in yet another attempt at ‘credibility’ acts like one of those flamin’ chavs that his lot have ushered in with their New Labour open arms inclusivity policies. Thank you Blair, now we have the likes of Jade Goody as the nations moral barometer setting Social Policy. Namby Pamby Classeless Society? Do me a favour.

    Back to Catherine Bloody Tate (I can’t say it without the ‘bloody’ it doesn’t look right). I was quite enjoying Dr Who I was, not quite Hartnell or Troughton but an acceptable contemporary take on a good yarn. Rose Tyler and Martha Jones, very nice those two – not only decorative but actually well rounded characters. Now what happens? Russel T Grant has only gone and done a Richard Curtis and gone and brought all his celebrity pals in. It’s bad enough that Minogue got a part – she should have called it a day back when she was in Home and Away with Jason Robards that one. Now that we have nothing more than Tate to look forward to it’s a major let down, she’s well over-rated that one and will ruin what was a good programme in an ocean of celebrity orientated cak. This will be the equivalent of replacing Nicola Bryant with Lena Zavaronni, or whatever that stage school harridan was…..Bonnie Langford, that’s the one.

    Join me, Dogwood, in the Anti-‘Bloody Tate in Doc Who’ League.

    Happy New Reader Good Readers of the Von Pip Express, the UK’s premier web-based musical journalistic informer of cultural developments.

    Settle down


  4. Dogwood old son
    You’re welcome, your wisdom shines like a lighthouse through the turbid sea of political correctness. I mean when Santa’s in U.S. Department stores can’t say “Ho,Ho,Ho” for fear of offending rappers girlfriends or “Sex industry workers ” one is left scratching ones head in a state of utter incredulity. I’m with you on “Tate Who Dilemma”, a one trick pony if ever this was one, and Minogue? well she didnt spoil the Xmas edition, but she’s no Shelly Winters either, she is to acting what I am to Morris dancing, all shiny bells and whisltles but with two left feet.

  5. Great to see The Raveonettes getting the recognition they so surely deserve.

    Well done, Mr. VP.

  6. I agree with loads of your choices mr vp specially RAveonettes and Ballerinas and LCD SoUndsytrem


  7. love this chart!!I love all the bands that you mentioned…screaming ballerinas will conquer the world in 2008!!
    love from italy

  8. Also love this quote:

    “We’ve never seen anybody who looks like Andy, dance the way Andy does” – Monster Bobby

    Can’t imagine where it came from?

  9. I’m glad you put the Indelicates (and Glasvegas) in the big next year section, but last significant statement is clearly not as good as some of their other songs. Also, neon bible was a masterpiece, how dare you.


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