Emmy The Great Live, Liverpool Academy 2- 12/02/08

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“We Almost Had A Baby” (Acoustic) (right click to download)By Emmy The Great

The futures female, the futures electro, I know this because the N.M.E. said so, so it must be true. Nowt wrong with that of course, but maybe a listen to Emmy The Great’s remarkable debut long player “First Love” will convince you not to rush off and trade in your guitars for a “Tenori-on” just yet.  Emma-Lee Moss has been steadily working her way up from the indie underground, and her album has been a long time coming but thankfully it’s been well worth the wait. With lyrics sharper than Oscar Wilde’s  freshly sharpened quill drizzled in  lemon juice and the sort of musicianship that should make many on the various “ones to watch in 09″ lists hang their heads in shame , it has instant classic written all over it.

In an age where the music business is fast becoming a place of refuge for frustrated IT technicians, whose musical ability seems to consist of nothing more than being able to whistle in tune occasionally, it’s nice to encounter a band who seem so effortlessly talented, and who really care about what they do.


Thursdays show proved without a shadow of a doubt why Emmy and her band are indeed “Great” and Liverpool “Academy Two” was the perfect setting to showcase their album. It’s an intimate venue with wonderful acoustics that tends to bring out the best in most bands.  Ex-Lovers provided the support and produced a tight, hugely enjoyable set which included a  number of  stand out tunes such as “Weightless”Just A Silhouette” and “Phone Booth”, and managed to conjure up the ghosts of classic 4AD bands past.  Their performance more than  suggested they have the potential to progress to much bigger things. (Free mp3 here)

“We Rock Harder Than Testament”

By the time Emmy took to the stage , noise merchants Testament were in full throttle next door at “Academy One“-unleashing hell,” no doubt ..  and giving many the impression that the venue next door was undergoing some major building works ! It was the sort of  cacophonous racket that set the walls a-shaking, and prompted Emmy to say “Wow they rock! Shall we listen to them?” Thankfully we were spared that dubious pleasure and instead witnessed Emmy and the band perform a flawless set that when it wasn’t shot through with brilliance, was merely magnificent. The crowd were enraptured as Emmy scattered songs amongst them like pearls from a broken necklace, whether it was the 60s-style girl group pop of “We Almost Had A Baby” or the sparse sublime contemplative beauty of “On The Museum Island” the results were  uplifting, moving, and life affirming.

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“Catching Up With The VPME 😉 ”

After the show there was a real sense of camaraderie between the bands and Emmy was charming, engaging and great fun.  The band even sprang to my defence as an over enthusiastic  security guard insisted I had apparently contravened every Health and Safety regulation known to man, by not wearing a magical backstage wristband, and  insisted I left the premises forthwith. Despite the bands protestations he would not be swayed and was only mollified when said wristband was produced and strapped onto my person… (thanks guys!) Still if there’s a better way to spend a Thursday evening, I’ve yet to discover it! As I left Emmy gave me a CD telling me that this was the proper version and quite different from the “promo” version. After listening to the “CD proper” it does seem to be a more rounded, expansive sound, and  reveals subtle nuances that aren’t hidden by overproduction, it  just makes a great album even greater. If this album doesn’t make Emmy a star, then serious questions should be asked in the Houses of Parliament. The status of “genius” and “legend” are often bestowed upon people a little too liberally these days, but as I reflected upon the evening I felt maybe I’d been in the presence of both! If you get the chance to see Emmy The Great live seize it, because it’s everything music should be.

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“When The Ridiculous Meets The Sublime!”

Recent audio Interview


Emmy The Great Live In Liverpool


“First Love” By Emmy The Great




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0 thoughts on “Emmy The Great Live, Liverpool Academy 2- 12/02/08”

  1. Nicely done, VP. Its so much easier when they come to your hometown, innit? 😉

    I have been hearing about this Emmy The Great for a while now, and I’m glad I took advantage of this opportunity (your piece here) to check her/them out.

    You’ve pointed me in the direction of some great stuff over the past year, and this qualifies as well.

  2. I normally don’t bother with enthusiastic reviews. Call me a cynic. However for some reason your genuine excitement gave rise to an urge in me to find out more. I bought the album. Your enthusiasm is in no way misplaced. It is a wonderful album, and I must now catch her live. Thanks for making a sad “old git” see the light and have his faith in music reaffirmed once more. I’d like to shake you by the hand and buy you a large scotch.


  3. Saw her on tour. She’s the best. Ex-lovers did remind me a bit of Lush/Pale Saints, which is really good

  4. It was very hard to convey just how good it was. It’d would be ace if she came back for Liverpool’s “Soundcity Festival”.

  5. Hey I always liked this site, and I liked you’re interview with emmy last year. These are great pictures, do you have anymore? I love emmy soo much and its so nice when I meet others who feel the same

    Thank you


  6. Great review Mr Von Pip, gutted that I ended up leaving early due to lack of food and exhaustion. I just hope she does Glastonbury again this year and I get a second chance to see the full set!

  7. I downloaded the album (legally) a couple of days ago, and I’m very glad I did! It’s simply brilliant.

  8. Thats what we like to hear Fran !

    yes JK , pace yourself . I mean you wouldn’t find me slightly inebriated waffling on backstage with the band would you. haha

  9. the brilliance of this album cannot be overstated. A great review, thank you. She is amazing

  10. It takes a lot to admit i was wrong and know what I thought you were talking rubbish and that Emmy was a bit overrated. But I was wrong and I gave the album a spin this weekend. Its amazing !!! Will you both forgive me ? Album of the year Von Pip?

  11. Ever wondered why Emmy is Great ? Yes? Well I suggest you re-read the above review, look at the photos, play the songs and videos AND GO AND BUY THE ALBUM…You will then know that Emmy is more than Great she is the best !—-genius and legend is right lah!

  12. Looks like this tour is winning Emmy lots of new buddies. She deserves them too, shes a great girl and a huge talent.

  13. Oh wonderful. She has produced the debut album we all knew she had in her. It is just the best album I’ve heard in years. x

    • haha, yes I too am suffering from P.E.T.B. (Post Emmy Tour Blues). We should set up a support group 😉

  14. Bloody Nora! Looks like ole Pip had a great night, nice one mate. Emmys albums bloody amazing


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