FestEVOL – Liverpool 4th August And 11th August

There are some things that remain constant in life,  for example the English summer weather never fails to disappoint,  Gary Barlow remains the blandest, most anodyne songwriter of his generation, David Cameron’s face remains eminently punchable (See HERE)  and you know, you just know that when Liverpool promoters Evol put on a two day festival or , rather a  “FestEVOL,”  it’s gonna be something special.

Held over two weekends  in Liverpool’s much loved  Kazimier and utilising the venues new pop-up outdoor space (The Kazimier Garden,)  FestEVOL aims to showcase the best local acts as well as the hottest up and coming bands from around the North West.

Garden - Kazimier Liverpool

FestEVOL Part 1 kicks off  Saturday August 4th with Part 2 kicking off the following weekend on August 11th using both the venues main stage and  weather permitting the new outdoor stage.  Expect special guests, barbecues, DJ’s a Screenadelicia Poster sale  and it all kicks off from 4pm right through until  3am.  All we need is this fucking god awful weather to change !

If it does rain, we know who to blame don’t we ? The evil little bastard !

Tory Weather - The VPME.COM

There are too many bands to go through individually, as this blogger intends on eating at some point in the near future,  but here are just a few highlights.


Clinic will headline FestEVOL part 1 and are a band who now have acquired something of a cult status having been together almost 15 years. How the band adorn themselves for this gig may depend very much  on the weather. Will they perform alfresco in Hawaiian shirts ?  Or will they be indoors attired in their infamous medical scrubs ?  There’s only one way to find out.


If you’re new to PINS, check out what The Von Pip Musical Express’ resident (and increasingly over-emotional)  Cyborg, Arnold thinks of ’em below ( yes this little impression never gets old!)

We were asked by 6 Music to pick three band that have impressed us most this year and we had no hesitation in picking PINS in our trinity of musical goodness. Imagine Siouxsie fronting the Shirelles,  Ronnie Spector backed by The Mary Chain perhaps….. but don’t take our word for it, have a listen yourself below ♥


Set adrift on memory bliss ? Quite possibly!  Tea Street Band formed from the ashes of  indie guitar hopefuls The Maybes? and produce a more synth laden, chilled Balearic vibe than their previous incarnation. Beautiful evocative music and the perfect accompaniment to watching the sun go down with a cold beer in your hand.


When we arranged the “BLOG Sound of 2012” – An alternative to the BBC’s own “Sound Of ” list, Outfit featured heavily in the early voting, making “the long list” but just missing out on a top five place. They’ve been described as a Scouse Roxy Music, sans the love of fox hunting, and we can see how their  synth-tinged  sound may have seen them  labelled, by some,  as art school electro-pop. But when you catch them live, you’ll discover there’s more to them than simply Byran Ferry Across The Mersey.



Folk’s  single has been just given a 10/10 by the illustrious musical journal and occasional nipple blimping- fest that is the Daily Star! But don’t worry too much about that, their Luther Russell produced début album looks set to establish these folks from Manchester as the hot ticket in town. Cath ’em while you can!

 The Full FestEVOL Line Up

August 4th line up

Clinic, * special guest *, The Wicked Whispers, Death At Sea, Eva Petersen, Folks, Bad Meds, Silent Sleep, Lovecraft, Ticks, The Sundowners, The Dirty Rivers, Owls*, The Red Suns, The Oxygen Thieves, The Liberty Vessels, Hey Carrianne, The Razz and Catfish & The Bottlemen

With DJs
Danny Hunt & Reuben Wu (Ladytron) Blitzkreig Bob (Liquidation) Harvest Sun, BidoLito, Stevie Law, Joe McKecknie, Mrs Barry, BidoLito and Joe Mangone

August 11th line up

Outfit, * special guest *, Thunderbird Gerard, Tea Street Band, Sun Drums, PINS, Muto Leo, Married To The Sea, The Loud, Carousel, Kusanagi, Filter Distortion, Dass Unser, Mashemon, The Temps, Statement Haircut, Broken Men, So Sexual and Pixels

With DJs
James Rand (Chibuku) Ellis Samizdat, Darren Meshuggy, BidoLito, MixNots, Deep Hedonia, Everisland, Ticks, Ninetails, BidoLito and Fonetiks AV set

Doors 4pm – 3am

Tickets – On sale Tuesday 10th July from 9am.

£10.00 per day & 100 £15 2 Day tickets available online via Ticketweb only.

Probe Records will be selling physical paper tickets from Friday 13 th July

The Kazimier, 4-5 Wolstenhome Square, Liverpool, L1 4JJ

Follow Evol on Twitter @ClubEVOL & ‘Like’ EVOL on Facebook.



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