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Glasvegas have had their critics, in the past, over hyped , dreary, Mary Chain wanna-bes etc, etc,  but having  previously defended  them this performance left me with no small amount of egg on my face , I was actually looking forward to seeing them headlining their  biggest  ever  tour …But oh dear ,oh dear ,  tonight  at Liverpool Uni, maybe, just maybe,  I too,  caught  a glimpse of the emperors’ new clothes,  and I must confess,  I have  started to re-evaluate my fledgeling relationship with the band. For example, have we all thrust greatness upon Glasvegas  at far too early a stage in their career? Is it fair to do so ?   Do the band  believe the  hype already ? Have I been conned ?  Is James Allan Bono in waiting, or worse …?? Sadly, the  Liverpool show  was an extremely unpleasant experience from start to finish, from the badly organised venue,(as per  usual for  Liverpool Uni, which really  is one  the WORST venues in the area, Manchesters Uni is far more agreeable) to the aggressive drunken , under age White Lies fans, all pouts, shouts and stylised misery.  And all crushingly, dreary little turds to boot.

Upon entering the venue, there was a palpable sense of expectation and a tension in the air which later, sadly erupted into pockets of violence on a number of occasions. Kick offs and fist fights were developing left, right and centre, which certainly soured the occasion somewhat. Of course being threatened by a group of White Lies fans is about as intimidating as being reprimanded by John Inman armed with a feather duster, but was still, I must confess,  an irritant.

Having seen Glasvegas on a number of occasions during 2008, in smaller and better venues, I had thought there was potential  but this show just didn’t cut the mustard. It seemed to lack the sparkle and pizazz of last year’s shows. The sound mix was as  weak as freshly strained  cabbage water and all the qualities normally associated with the band , the passion,  the heart, and the  excitement seemed strangely lacking in what  could be described as, at best,  a subdued performance. Maybe being the first night of a long tour,  the band hadn’t  quite  settled into the touring  groove, or maybe we spied the first signs that a Bono-complex  is starting to manifest itself within Mr Allan, (hopefully not, but only time will tell .) None of this mattered to the crowd, who seemed to treat Mr Allan’s mere presence on stage with the sort of reverence the Santalese reserve for their Sun God. It also appears that the “band of the people” tag that’s been thrust upon Glasvegas is now attracting the Oasis/football fan type of sub-Neanderthal, who perhaps might not quite appreciate some of the subtleties within Allan’s song writing.  It was noticeable that the line which seemed to resonate and echo around the capacious vacuum between the ears of  these drooling oak-headed oafs  was in fact,  ” liar liar liar liar liar, pants on fire.”  A line which they heartily embraced,  as if  they had discovered one  of the most insightful and deeply  meaningful lyrics  ever to be  set to popular music.

And oh dear, that cover version?  The sentiment I’m sure was entirely  genuine, a tribute to Ian McCulloch, who was apparently in the audience tonight, wearing James Allen style sunglasses no doubt, ( when they meet up it must be like an accident waiting to happen, like the time Ray Charles met Stevie Wonder ) although a cynic may think  it could also be interpreted as a  little bit of  a “indie luvvie-in”, but  if there has been a worse  cover of “The Killing Moon” I’ve yet to hear it ….  So where does it leave me and my relationship with Glasvegas?   I think it may well be  a case of “F**k You, it’s Over” as this sounded like somebody yodelling over the Mary Chains “Upside Down”, played backwards, down a well relayed via an ear trumpet. Horrid!

As for White Lies, I must confess, I did have a surreptitious love affair with the overblown  gloom-fest  that was  “Death” but  any band that cites the Killers as a massive influence should be treated with extreme caution, if not avoided altogether…Let us not forget that White Lies where not so long ago, a lighter, cuddlier, indie pop collective called Fear Of Flying a band who made a huge impression on ,erm  ….well, nobody really , and happily stated they were  influenced by  the likes of Paul Simon, The Talking Heads and (probably) Alan Sugar   …But how times have changed ….in what appears to be a cynical  cash in on the popularity of gloomy post punk angst they’ve changed their name,  started to dress in black, and produced studied, heavily stylised songs that veered towards the maudlin side of pop. You know the sort,  all about fear, dying, death, fear of dying, fear of dying a death .  Dying a death somehow seemed apt as their rather unconvincing performance left much to be desired , but hang on… whats going on??   The crowd reaction verged on  orgasmic, a  baffling response and one which can only be explained   by cheap cider, hormones a go-go  and fake ID’s. Regrettably the overall impression that just couldn’t  be dislodged , was that I had just been watching Scouting for Girls enjoying an Editors themed Karaoke night, or maybe  Keane, having a hissy fit  or if you prefer, a Matalan Joy Division for the X box generation. I suppose there are worse ways to spend a Thursday night –I just couldn’t think of any !

The whole evening left me confused, bruised and deeply disappointed.  I make no apologies for sounding negative as a night which promised so much, delivered so little.  But maybe the last word should go to my friend,  a veteran gig goer , who simply said “ Well that made  me yearn for a F*cking Phil Collins come back” He and Alan McGee may have some common ground after all ( Me ? I’ll wait for the non ironic Alan McGee revival thanks.

“Death” by White Lies Live . Does it look fun ?


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0 thoughts on “Glasvegas-Liverpool University 29/01/2009”

  1. yes it was an NME tour, and yes I expected it to be full of kids. But did they really have to be such arseholes? As for the performances I thought vegas were very poor indeed. Florence was the best, sorry you missed it Pip. You did look rather disapponted on the night

  2. That’s it Von Pip shoot from the Hip (replacement)!


    MY advice to GLASVEGAS; don’t try so hard to be earnest, or even Scottish for that matter!

  3. About that cover version of Killing Moon, why didn’t James Allan simply give Ian McCulloch a hand job in the Uni toilets and save all our ears!


  4. Glasvageas version waz better than crappy and Funnymens version. James Allans a god so f**k off

  5. Oh dear, there’s no need for such potty mouthed language from the last two gentlemen. Have your balls dropped yet?

  6. Youre having a laff mate. White Lies are the best band Ive heard this year

    Joy Division would love to play as well as them.


  7. Glasvegas were disappointing, I admit that. Didn’t look interested . But U gotta be F**king kidding me dude, White Lies totally blew everybody away . Get real

  8. it takes more than merely singing about wanting to kill yourself to be the new Joy Division. White Lies are sh*t. Joy Division legends. White Lies are middle class fops affecting gloom.

  9. The link to the Newcastle gig was from December and a different tour. I was at both (one of the Scottish migrants referred to) and the music was totally different as they’ve rearranged some of the songs. There’s no comparison between the two gigs. Different crowd, different venues and different arrangements, but still in my opinion great performances from Glasvegas and White Lies (what I heard of them anyway as I was late in on Friday).
    Maybe my opinion differs from yours re NME Tour as I was at a home-town gig and they always have a different feel.

  10. I just found it so disappointing after the shows in 08. This time it seemed lack lustre, but everone’s entitled to an off night. White Lies really didnt do it for me live, the albums not bad, but live nah, too studied, too “arch” !

  11. maybe thats why you didnt like the performance Pip, that the songs had been re-arranged?
    I didnt like it myself, they’d lost an edge I felt. White Lies were by far one of the most overrated bands Ive seen live. Dour little posh lads none of the grit and reality of Joy Division. To compare is just daft. Its like comparing the spice girls to blondie

  12. Well the NME won’t hear a bad word against Glasvegas, I’d take their reviews with a large pinch of salt. Hardly objective are they?

  13. I was gutted at missing White Lies as I’d seen them in Newcastle and Glasgow at the end of the year and really enjoyed them but the crowd in Glasgow were really only there to see Glasvegas so came late and queue was still round the block when White Lies finished.
    I know what you mean by a flat feel after the last tour but I think the crowd didn’t know how to react to the rearrangements. It took me ages to figure out what I was listening to when Fuck You came on and the crowd didn’t react at all. They kept messing around with Stabbed on the last tour and it got the same reaction too.

  14. well, I wasn’t even there and it’s nothing to do with me but I’m only here to stir up trouble I have been pointing the accusatory finger at Glasvegas and babbling to anyone who’ll listen (and indeed some who won’t) about “the emperor’s new clothes” syndrome for ages. With the honourable exception of Geraldine which is a fine ditty, they are a tedious overblown hideous bombastic mess of a band and James is one of the clumsiest hamfisted overwrought drama queen frontmen and his lyric writing abilities suck. People with no bloody idea what they’re talking about keep citing the Mary Chain in the same breath as Quiffboy and his pals, and yet I feel we’re all adult enough to know in our groovy black hearts that Glasvegas aren’t fit to lick the Reids’ pointy leather boots and never will be. If Glasvegas exist for 25 years, let’s face it, they ain’t going to come anywhere near writing a song that’s even half as good as any of the JAMC’s outtakes or B sides! Is there a prize for spotting the obvious “taking the piss just to wind people up” post in the above comments?? Coz I know it’s Happy Death Man, and I claim my 5 quid. The only other conclusion is that he actually means it that Joy Division (or rather what remains of them) would love to have been as good as White Lies and if he believes that, an immediate and intense course of psychotherapy would appear to be in order (or a quick listen to Atmosphere should do the trick). ah, the young people today….

  15. Well, well, well Mr Von Pip, you have really stirred the liitle rascals up this time with your outrageous comments on popular Scottish culture.

    One day the kids will understand how misguided they once were, when they look back on the short lived career of GLASVEGAS and think; what was that song called again, you know the one they did that wasn’t that bad, nar! can’t think of one.

    Me neither!

  16. Why change the song arrangements ? It worked perfectly well before, and this time sounded rubbish. Surely you start to experiment when you’ve a glittering career behind you ? Why change something and lose what was good in the first place ?

  17. oh dear, oh dear; we appear to have a ‘Not So’ Happy Death Man.

    Have you ever considered changing your moniker to ‘Happy Deaf Man’ in order reflect your ear for good music?


  18. I would imagine that they change the arrangements to keep the gigs fresh as they’ve been touring constantly for over a year with more or less the same material and I preferred the rearranged Stabbed to the one on the album.

  19. Oh I do like a good raging intellectual debate! I love the fact that Happy Death Man logged on at 8:30pm to call everybody “areseholes” and then, a mere 2 minutes later was seized by the muse again and added the pithy but blunt “knobheads” into the mix! HDM, calm down poppet you’ll do yourself a mischief or crumble under the weight of that chip on your shoulder. heh heh heh.

  20. So was “Stabbed” live the version that was on the “Home Tapes” demos?
    The one on the album was incredibly pretentious. I went to a recent gig and didnt like the new arrangements at all. Have to agree, if it works, why tinker about with it ( look what happened to Claudio Ranieri for example 😉 ) Lost its energy I felt. Didnt freshen it up at all. Bands have to tour the same songs for 2 years realistically these days, if they get bored with that they should try office work, now thats boring.

  21. Not the Stabbed from the Home Tapes demo unfortunately. That would have got the crowd going.
    Heard it first in Digital in Newcastle and quite a few on our bus home didn’t like it much, but I think after a few listens it would be a grower. Sure they did it again, slightly different in Glasgow in December.

  22. Every now and again I come across comments, reviews that when reading between the lines reeks of an anti Scots person. Your review is so obviously anti Scots since the few anti comments are against Scottish people…….slagging off Glasvegas, Alan, Jesus and Mary Chain and Jim Kerr. I wonder if Glasvegas came from anywhere but Scotland would your review be so bitchy!
    As a big fan of Glasvegas who does believe the hype and do believe they are one of the best British bands in a long long time, now unless you are of a certain age, which myself and Alan McGee along with many other older music fans I doubt if you are in the position to contridict Alan’s statement. Were you around a number of decades back that you can remember the music industry in the last 30 years? you just sound like a “numpty thinks he knows it all but know not a lot” type of person.
    I know not everyone is going to like Glasvegas, it wouldnt do if we all thought the same about bands today but yours just stinks of how much you hate us Scots! Your vitriol against Glasvegas is pathetic and very immature.

  23. Hahahaha, Oh dear this is the best yet !

    WHERE PRAY do I slag off the Mary Chain , who are actually my FAVOURITE band of all time., You will also see to the right of the page bands we love, including WAIT FOR IT, Glasvegas and The Jesus & Mary Chain

    Saying I did not enjoy a particular gig by Glasvegas , does not make me anti-Scottish , and for you to suggest so trivializes Xenophobia . Try learning to read and maybe not being so jingoistic ,to use an old chestnut ” its not were your from it’s where your at”

  24. So if we don’t like Idiot McGee who ceased being relevant about 15 years ago, or Jim Kerr, or Glasvegas we are anti-scottish ? ROFLMAO, Get a grip, for somebody who puts themselves forward as mature, you express pretty infantile opinions. Anti-Scots indeed. HA!
    Read the reviews of The Jesus And Mary Chain Or Camera Obscura on this very blog before you casually throw in racism , are Mr Allan and his band above criticism now ?

  25. SO MCCulloch, Bono White Lies plus their fans, are all Scottish are they? Or am I missing Elaine’s point, did she have one ?

  26. Mad. Only vitriol here is that coming from Elaine S. The reviewer here sounded sad not bitter_disappointed. Don>t think there’s a need to invoke nationalism here whatsoever. I was at the gig and it was Ok, nothing special, Friendly Fires were very good. White Lies a little too slick.

    Thing is McGee is a big wind up merchant, he does it on purpose so any attacks he gets he brings on himself. Got to a point where his support is embarrassing as he says the same ole same old . Yeah you discovered the JAMC yeah and My Bloody Valentine, you also inflicted the Gallaghers on us too, the good the overrated and the ugly.

  27. With regard to Elaine’s posting…
    Sesame Street has been brought to you today by the words “clueless” and “paranoia”!!!! Where on earth does she get the Anti-Scots nonsense from? And Elaine if you choose to believe the hype that surrounds Glasvegas then good luck to you, but I am of an age to remember the past 30 years of the British music scene, and I have to say that I think Glasvegas are in the grand scheme of things (with my previously stated exception of Geraldine) all wind and piss. I find them empty, vacuous and pompous. I think James looks like a tw*t, I hate his silly hair and his lyrics are abysmal. And however annoying you find those statements, this does not, I repeat DOES NOT somehow mean that I view the entire Scots race and all things north of the border with fear and loathing! I have seen the rolling scenic hills and glens,and loved them, I have very good friends in Pitlochry and I even know an Aberdonian! And, like VonPip, the blessed Mary Chain are pretty much my favourite band of all time. With a single chord or a word, the JAMC hit all the dark magic places that make your hair stand on end whereas Glasvegas just huff and puff to no great effect. “sound and fury signifying nothing” springs to mind. And what does it all matter anyway, kiddies, for today, Lux Interior of the mighty Cramps is dead and our hearts are heavy. So Elaine my dear, I suggest you get a grip, re-read Von Pip’s review, put your toys back in the pram, find your inner fluffy bunny and say sorry for calling him a racist!! Or as Lux himself put it “Life is short, filled with stuff….”

  28. that says it all , bravo . Elaine look before u leap eh ? No point ranting on if you dont like something, try a bit of balance, ie put chips on both shoulders.

    Gig was average, as the reviewer does say, first night nerves maybe – not into the groove. It made me laugh about White Lies, I take the point, well made. However if we can view it as a “pop album” its fairly good. Singers got a decent voice somehwhere between McCulloch and Cope . They were ok live. Didnt enjoy Floernce, energetic, yet not quite hitting the spot. Freindly Fires were fun. Glasvegas ? Not bad, but they’ve been a lot better

  29. I have had enough of these racist slurs being levelled at Von Pip.

    Everbody know that the Scottish are a proud and temperate race with a beautiful dialect and parlance, with their poise and vernacular being without equal

    For example have you noticed how well that can pronounce and project the words; BIG ISSUE.

    I’m taking one for the team Von Pip!

  30. Now Now Mr Blagger stop winding up the mad lassie.
    I was at the gig , it was not bad, problem as i see it is, a band gets too much hype people expect too much.

  31. Ha ha, anti-Scottish my arse! As a Scotsman myself I grew up amongst the paranoia that the English all hate us and can’t wait to take all our industry down south, blah blah blah. The pubs where if England are playing Germany, they all root for Germany (hint, if you must hold unreasonable grudges, WWII is more recent than the highland clearances!)

    Having lived in London and now living in Merseyside, I was pleasantly surprised to find that aside from a few knuckle dragging idiots that you can find anywhere, most English people actually like Scotland and the people.

    Getting back to Glasvegas, I saw them at Glastonbury and the Liverpool barfly, heard the album, heard them played excessively on radio and tv. I like them, but with only one albums worth of material I feel Glasvegas fatiigue setting in! I may go and see them again when they have another album out, if they play Glastonbury I’ll probably pop over and check them out, but at the moment I’d probably pass.

    It’s unfortunate when a band make the jump from slightly underground, when there are mainly music fans in the audience (whose enthusiasm can carry them through any ropey tracks) and cheap tickets, to NME darlings where they get on the radar of the idiots who want live performances to sound just like the CD and cause trouble when they get bored.

  32. Oh Im sure one bad gig doent make a bad band. I still stand by my original opinion of their album wich was in my top five. And despite the strange comments and bizarre emails I’ve been receiving (one in paticular wishing biblical plagues upon me-not quite the poo in a box Andrew Collins received but hey ) , I still will see the band again. But of course giving an opinion isn’t allowed when it comes to Glasvegas , unless its gushing with praise. But the band cant help that some of their fans are cretins,

  33. Aw, shame, just as it looked like the debate was rising above the mindless name calling, along comes “Anonymous” to tell us to f**k off coz Glasvegas don’t care what anybody says and they are apparently “bigger than us”. Ho hum, the point, Anon, is that we all know that the band probably don’t give a flying one what a few people on a music blog forum think of them, and I am sure they are aware that, just as some people will adore them and hang on their every word, there will be be people (like my humble self) who think they are a waste of time and space and not worth shelling out good money on. Both perfectly valid points of view, no? Forgive me if I’m wrong but I’m guessing you are a younger person Anon, am I right? cos your post reeks of the indignant frothing adolescent! You really need to learn that it’s okay for other people to slag off and insult your fave bands without having to charge to defend their honour like some righteous expletive heat seeking missile, it really isn’t worth getting yourself into such a state over. It’s perfectly fine to be intense and passionate about music, we all are, but a reasoned argument for the defence is always more welcome than a shouty teenage tantrum.
    And you’re going to see Glasvegas again Von Pip?? Oooooh, might I suggest a cunning disguise just in case you get recognized and lynched? Perhaps a large comedy tartan flat hat , with matching ginger fright wig and beard??? You could introduce yourself to Elaine, just to say hi and exchange views. No????

  34. I guess that now’s a good time to announce the VPME ‘ROCK AGAINST THE SCOTS’ UK tour.

    The official line up is yet to be confirmed, but sources close to the VPME can reveal that the following acts have already agreed to perform;

    Gaye Krankies on Acid
    Me Ma’s on Heroin (Acoustic Set)
    Knife Crime
    Deep Fried Heart attack (Glasgow Show Only)

    The VPME ‘Rock Against the Scots Tour 2009’ is sponsored by ‘The Scottish Intolerance Society’ bringing Pish Music to the masses.

  35. right, this is a good blog, if anything its too PC . BUT it aint racist . That Blagger dude is juts winding ya all up

  36. Maybe the dicks who think Im anti Scottish should read this

    or maybe this

    what about this

    or maybe even this

    So called fans of Glasvegas arent doing the band any favours. They did one bad gig ( in my opinion) Get over it . But keep posting because you’ re funny / Oh and thanks for the emails too , I liked the one from Dave T who said “get cancer” . Nice touch xx

  37. first sorry, u dont deserve cancer . thats a rerrible thing to say Most Glasvegas fans are reasonable .. we’ r all just peopel , the vegas fans here seem nasty . You said they wernt good , fine Im over it , u said before they were great ,,,hardly any comments …seems people just like a fuckin whinge . next time they will be good . They are a good band its that simple, Quiff or no quiff ! ha ha its the music !

  38. Dear Mr Von Pip and friends

    It has come to attention that young Chelsea has been spouting his anti-Scottish nonsense yet again!

    Maybe the fact that he’s both ginger and welsh is weighing heavily on his shoulders, but nonetheless this is no excuse.

    A clip around the ear and a good dose of IRN BRU should sort him out!

    Yours sincerely

    Dorothy Blagger

  39. (sigh)… okay, so I know I am asking for trouble going up against an intellectual giant like “Anonymous” again, but sometimes, you just can’t let things pass can you? So now according to this modern-day Noel Cowerd I am both “anti Scoth” and a “dickhed” am I? well, petal, leaving aside the woeful spelling, allow me the right of reply. I am assuming you meant “anti-Scotch” which probably wouldn’t endear you to our Caledonian cousins, as “Scotch” is generally taken to mean the alcoholic beverage and not the people, and as far as I am aware, I bear no ill will or irrational prejudice to any of the major distilleries. I would ask that you go back and read my posting of Feb 5th (you know, the one where I quite clearly state that even though I think that Glasvegas suck, it is no indicator of anti-Scottish sentiments and that I too adore the Mary Chain etc etc ) and then get back to me and point out where specifically you find evidence of any innate racism! Good luck with that by the way coz you ain’t going to find any! Blagger is quite clearly a mischief maker intent on winding people up, and it appears to be working! It’s very wrong of him I know but he obviously can’t resist when it’s like shooting fish in a barrel with you! His views do not reflect my own as you should quite clearly be able to deduce from my postings. As for being a “dickhed” well, you are of course entitled to your opinions, but I think all your vitriol and name calling is just because I hit the nail on the head with the “teenage tantrum” comment isn’t it?? Isn’t it??? Oh, come on, pet lamb, tell Uncle Richard, you know you want to…

  40. Well here’s my pennies worth. I m a Glasvegas fan. But, I have just spotted a picture of James Allan in what looks like some sort of superheroes cape, and many words sprang to mind, amongst them “in God’s name WHY?? I’m getting a feeling that there certainly is an element of the band starting to believe their own hype. Looks like they 50’s/60’s influence will fade out and they will embrace the Oasis U2 style of unchallenging plodding stadium rock that is so depressing, it’s a shame because the band have great potential still, but record labels tend to squeeze creativity out of bands and make them a shadow of their former selves. The edge has been taken out by over the top radio friendly production These days it seems to happen even faster, with the short attention span of listeners, bands don’t get a chance to develop, they have silly amounts of hype thrust upon them as record companies are desperate for the next big thing. It’s really is a shame. I don’t agree with RichardJ I think that they certainly have more songs than just “Geraldine”, “My Own Cheating Heart” for example is fabulous, “Daddy’s Gone” affecting. It’s unfair to compare them to great band like The Jesus and Mary Chain, just as it is daft to compare White Lies to Joy Division. That’s the press’s fault and not the bands! What do you do as a band; Refuse to engage with the NME? Like it or not the NME still has influence, it’s a difficult balancing act to get right. I have to agree, McGee’s daily hero worship is incredibly irritating though and is becoming counterproductive. Onto White Lies, I like their album, it’s got some decent tunes, the big problem I found with them live was that their songs didn’t fill the space; they actually shrank in a live venue.
    Anyway lose the cape and the shades James you do look a bit silly

    You see, I can disagree without being hysterical or rude, unlike some of the above people.

  41. Hello Buff!
    See, reasoned debate and rational argument without resorting to the Yah Booh Sucks “Up Yours” level that we had seemed to be in danger of descending to. Unless you’re Batman, it’s very difficult to convincingly carry off a cape, so the less said about that the better, but a rock band lose their shades???? Never! Have you no sense of tradition? Look at The Velvets, Mary Chain, Sisters, Cramps etc etc. Mind you, if you look as daft in them as James… no no, I said we wouldn’t go there didn’t I?… No need to be unkind… Nobody is suggesting that the ludicrous hype that seems to have gone along with Glasvegas is the band’s fault but they do seem to be buying into it all too willingly if you ask me. And I agree, you can’t realistically expect a band who want to make a viable career out of their music to just ignore the NME, but when said publication has issued some of the most ludicrous pronouncements that I have ever read in the press anywhere about any band (“knocking the music industry sideways” and “changing the face of working class music”, and them being the “best loved band in Britain”, James “a totem of truth”, “a poet” etc, when this hyperbole has absolutely no grounding in realty whatsoever) I just wish the band would have the balls to say “steady on there” coz they’re not stupid and they must know that, rightly or wrongly, such lionisation in the press will probably do them more harm than good in the long run as a lot of people see that kind of press coverage and it gets their backs up so much they decide to hate the band without really giving the music a chance. In my defence, I did give the music a chance before all the NME mania took off and I stand by what I said: Geraldine is an excellent song, everything else I have heard from them is either nondescript, average, or just plain laughable. Totally subjective, but that’s my opinion. i’m not sure I entirely agree with your proposition of record companies bleeding the creative life force from poor defenceless bands. If a band allows itself to be so treated and kow tows to every edict issued by the record company, allowing it to dictate sound, appearance etc, then the band (and I am not talking of Glasvegas here, just a general thought!!!) has no guts and belongs in the bracket that seems to encompass White Lies and their ilk, ie do whatever it takes, leap onto any bandwagon necessary in order to enhance the career and to hell with integrity. Such bands invariably suck, just as White Lies do!
    And finally, yes it’s unfair to compare Glasvegas to The Jesus And Mary Chain coz the Reids are gonna pulp James and his buddies every single time, but then again who the hell said life was fair?! See? This has been fun hasn’t it?

  42. Eh up, he’s back again!!!! Hello again Anon. “knob jockey”??? Well, you’ve outdone yourself this time. It’s as if Oscar Wilde, Noel Cowerd an Dorothy Parker were in the room! I look forward to reading your first novel, or perhaps a slim volume of poetry coz it’s going to be one hell of a read! I imagine you even now, in an antique drawing room, seated at the grand piano,clad in a silk dressing gown, effortlessly tossing these bon mots out to an eager public (well, you strike me as an effortless tosser anyway) heh heh heh. It is such fun to have you around…

  43. Wasnt at thisi gig so cant comment, was at the Manchester gig, yeah they’ve changed . No idea how a band can go from being great to being average in the space of a few months. I’d advise James to tell McGee and McNicholas to keep it shut while he gets on with finding out where he got the inspiration to write Geralidine and FAFTs Wearing what looks like a childs rainmac on stage just looked stupid. Can anybody explain what Flowers and Football tops video is about? Its nothing like I’d imagine after listening to the song

  44. I cant wait to bump into them in Nice N Sleazys the week after they are dropped by Sony (which will be 2 months after their next album comes out). Payback time.


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