Liverpool Sound City Day 1 Bulletin.

As we are currently at Sound City you’ll find a couple of Friday freebies below. This isn’t  a full blog, we’ll leave that until the three days of musical madness that is Liverpool Sound City 2012 has ran its wonderfully demented course.  After all, it’s pretty tricky to write coherently when you’re in the eye of the storm, and so as a stop gap we’ve popped up a couple of photos and tunes that represent our highlights from day one.


Wet Mouth – Definitely the discovery of the festival so far. Amazing!

Wet Mouth - Liverpool Soundcity 2012


The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep Liverpool Sound City 2012



Still Corners.

Still Corners - Sound City 2012 TheVPME.COM


 Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep - Liverpool Sound City 2012

And live


Ghost Outfit.

Ghost Outfit Liverpool Sound City 2102

And in case you missed it, here’s our Sound City Spotify Play List

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