Sound City Bulletin Day 2

A snapshot of day two at Sound City  in which we learnt a number of valuable lessons, eg. a / Photos are generally better with the lens cap “off”  b/ The porta loos at Sound City are the rather lovely but getting stuck in one for five minutes isn’t quite as much fun as it sounds and c/ naked men with rabbits heads are VERY wrong.


Swiss Lips

 Which is apparently slang for erm, a ladies tuppence, but they really  “smashed it” last night as the youngsters say! A perfect start to day 2!

SWISS LIPS Liverpool Sound City 2012



Dear Prudence.



Charlie XCX.


CharlieXCX Liverpool Sound City 2012



Bird (who just get better and better and better)

Bird  Liverpool Sound City 2012

Phantoms – Live



Mammal Club.

Part of our chums at  Generators excellent “A North East Invasion” showcase.

 Mammal Club - Liverpool Sound City 2012


Erm…………..NO! Wrong wrong wrong !


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