Songs To Learn And Sing – Big Deal, Josh Weller, Keith TOTP.

Big Deal

Big Deal release their new single, ‘Dream Machines’, on 22 July and are about to commence a tour in support of their forthcoming album, June Gloom, which is out on 3rd June.  And Big Deal really are just that, even more so since embracing a new sonic dynamic, which is  shogegazy, ethereal, beatific and let’s be honest rather epic.  ‘Dream Machines‘ follows on from Teradactol and ‘In Your Car’ as the band continue to expand their sonic palette with fabulous results.

Tour Dates

24 May – London, Bloodshake at The Garage – tickets HERE 
27 May – Lille, La Peniche – tickets HERE 
28 May – Paris, Point Ephemere with The Babies – tickets HERE 
3 June – London, Rough Trade East instore – 7pm – tickets HERE 
11 June – Manchester, Soup Kitchen – tickets HERE 
12 June – Newcastle, Think Tank – tickets HERE 
13 June – Glasgow, Broadcast – tickets HERE 
14 June – Birmingham, The Rainbow – tickets HERE 
15 June – Exeter, Cavern – tickets HERE 
16 June – Bristol, Louisiana – tickets HERE 

 Josh Weller

Josh-weller- The Von Pip Musical Express

When he’s not getting himself in trouble on twitter Josh Weller also writes rather good songs. From the slow burning ballad such as ‘Slow Dive’ to his Woody Guthrie meets Woody Allen “Mr Hyprchondriac” (free Download here) he’s a difficult chap to pin down in terms of genre.  The thing is Josh was supposed to be big a few years back but he forget to tell the public, and so to that end he’s gone and released the sort of tune that in any right thinking world, would be this years big summer smash. The problem is here in the UK we don’t seem to have summers anymore, just June Gloom.  Check it out below and within minutes you’ll dreaming of holiday romances ill advised speedos and STD’s .. but in a good way.

Josh loves his fans too, and they love him

 It’s out July 1st via  iTunes

  Keith TOTP


Featuring Julia Indelicate and Sarah Nixey amongst others, Mr TOTP’s latest tune “#ProperMusic ” is an actual tweet feed from the twitter hashtag of the same name. Not since Half Man Half Biscuit’s ” Irk The Purists” have musical librarians been quite so completely exposed as being complete bellends!   This track is from Keith TOTPS’  second album ‘TOTP2’ which features  his Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band  starring Charley Stone (The Famous Cocks, Joanne Joanne), Sarah Nixey (Black Box Recorder), Jimbob (Carter USM) Charlotte Hatherley (Ash), Johnny Fade (The Fades)Eddie Argos (Art Brut), Luke Haines (The Auteurs), Simon and Julia Indelicate (The Indelicates).  – Get the album HERE

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