Songs To Learn and Sing – Deep Cut and Le Emu Tavern.

Deep Cut And Le Emu Tavern.



Deep Cut’s new single ‘Something’s Got To Give’ from their superb album ‘Disorientation’ is out on 5th September on Club AC30 Records. A band who encapsulate possibly every musical style we love. If you like this you will love the album. If you don’t … well the exits are clearly marked .. hand your ears in at reception for you have no use for ’em.




We’ve been a friend of Le Emu Tavern since the dawn of time … they are not so much a band, more an ancient mythical tavern where sailors weave shanties about all that is long lost……..gramaphone records, ladies who would only spit in public if they were choking , a compassionate NHS staffed by vocationalists not careerists, folk yearning for the time when news readers had wonderful names…. such as Reginald Bosanquet ! Lovely, witty, sarky tales relating to the unremitting shitness of superficiality , imbued with ennui but ultimatley full of compassion .. Oh Lordy – the albums free too … go and get it….quick …It’s bloody great!

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  1. Deep Cut has sufficient enough MaryChain feel to make me go “oh yeah!” Well, with Fem vocals – so lets call that Sister Vanilla feel, then.

    As for Le Emu Tavern – I’m always up for “tales relating to the unremitting shitness of superficiality”

    Amen to that!


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