Songs To Learn And Sing – Friday Freebies – H.Hawkline, Extradition Order, Strangers and I Am Harlequin

Friday Freebie  H.Hawkline.

“Black Domino Box‘ is from H.Hawkline’s new EP which was co-produced Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) and you can certainly hear his influence. It’s a rousing acoustic number and showcases the talent that has seen some call Mr Hawkline the Welsh Bob Dylan Thomas.


 Extradition Order

Next we have Warrington’s Extradition Order, who on this track at least, sound rather like the bastard love child of Mark E Smith and Lou Reed  discovering Disintegration era Cure. There’s also a hint of James’ lead singer Tim Booth thrown in for good measure on a gloriously quirky, ramshackle track, although what exactly it has to do with a canoe, we have yet to work out. It’s from their latest offering(s)  “Our Thoughts on Failure / Our Thoughts on Revenge, Double EP”  released via Helen Llewelyn Product 19 and split across  EPs.  “Our Thoughts on Failure” and is about “the realisation that you’re just not going to be everything you wanted to be, whilst  “Our Thoughts on Revenge” talks of the steady, silent anger that results.”

Out on vinyl and digital download



Strangers return with another master class in glorious, glittering symphonic synth pop!   Heaven forbid these chaps ever find contentment, because they have turned misery and existential angst into an art form!


I Am Harlequin – Video

Our musical chum I Am Harlequin has just released a new video for the title track from her  latest Ep “Craze” which, if we were hippies from the 60’s, would be best described as “trippy, maaan.”  We asked her how the effects in the video were achieved.

“It was an experimental shoot by Patrick Killingbeck who invented the unique rig construction I am wearing in the image (below.) It’s basically a big mirror you strap onto your shoulders, which then attaches to a camera body rig so you almost self-shoot. Everything in front of you will then of course be in your back. And so if you lean forward you get the ground in your back.
It almost looks like a green screen only much more real and of course the angles are much more exciting.  We shot in Thames Barrier Park on a very windy and rainy day…and annoyingly had to stop quite a few times to wait for rain to pass, so I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.
The wind ended up adding some great production value ;-)”

me at craze shoot


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