Songs To Learn And Sing – Pris -‘Icon On A Motorbike’

PRIS - Icon On A Motorbike - The Von Pip Musical Express
‘Icon On A Motorbike’ By Pris.

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After featuring Pris a few weeks back (here) we’ve decided we can’t get enough of them  and our addiction must be fed. In fact waiting for their début single  makes the eternal suffering of Tantalus seem like a bit of a walk in the park really and going cold turkey isn’t an option. Thankfully help is at hand and  Pris have taken pity on our plight and agreed to ease our torment by kindly allowing us to stream another of their songs , ‘Icon On A Motorbike.’ It’s certainly  got that leader of the pack type vibe,  all leather, stiletto heels and motorcycle chains (and that’s just their drummer 🙂 )   Singer Cat  explained what and who the track is all about –   ‘ I had ‘The Wild One‘  in mind for  this song.  To me that represents the epitome of sex and male beauty, strong and gorgeous and it’s a semi love/lust song. Haha, so no Von Pip, it’s  not a homage to Barry Sheen…’

You can listen to more from Pris on their facebook band page ( because let’s face it My space is so 2008).

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  1. Love Pris.

    Also can’t wait for the single 🙂

    Oh and why when I comment here do I always get a grumpy face. I’m really not grumpy you know.

  2. Lol you lovesick [Von Pup.] In many ways Pris are the perfect VP band ! Good looking and feisty xxxx


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