Songs To Learn And Sing – Tiger Love – Gio, Gio.

“Gio Gio” By Tiger Love.

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Tiger Love’s name suggests they could well be Charlie Sheen’s favourite band to compliment his redoubtable ‘ tiger blood.’ However, they are in point of fact a London based collective formed in 2010 by brothers Roy, Gigi (Originally from New York), and Loral. They produce songs so catchy that even Sir Douglas Bader and Fred Titmus may have been induced to tap their imaginary toes to Tiger Love’s hard to resist grooves who are unquestionably funkier than Funkadelic getting their funk on at the world funk championships on national funk day.

The band first attracted media attention with their last single and self directed music video made it to the top 10 chart on within a few days of release and was posted on hundreds of music blogs from all over the world. Their new single ‘Gio, Gio’ is the sort of song that makes you really want to get on the dance floor and vigorously shake your thing. Alas that particular avenue of pleasure is closed to me as any attempts at coordinated rhythm make Ian Curtis appear as lithe and as fleet of foot as Fred Astaire.

Below is their ‘eggscellent’ video and contains the immortal line ‘sleep with people you want to, fuck the people you hate’. (Apologies for the lamentable egg pun, which makes some sense if you watch the video. Obviously omlettein’ myself get rather over eggscited.)


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