Best Of 2019 – VPME Playlist

So as we’re back in the blogging saddle after our ears threatened to divorce us and it’s time *fanfare*  to kick off this year’s “Best Of Playlist.” For clarity that’s, the “Best Of 2019” obviously, not as Presidential cretin Donald Trump may have you believe, 1972.

The playlist will be updated regularly by an actual person (allegedly) so please feel free to follow, although perhaps not with the same intensity as Joe Goldberg.  I’m also told, mainly by the Pop Justice folk who have seemingly taken over the Guardian’s music pages, (doubtless to foist their insidious “pop agenda” onto the middle-class oatmeal avocado latte  drinking brigade,) that pop is the new subversive force in music and that writing a great pop song is much harder to do than writing a punk song.

Given the rather dubious tedium I’ve been listening to during my blog break, I’d quite possibly have to agree. Anyway here’s the first wave.

Another Sky’s ‘Apple Tree’ is certainly the best song of the year so far

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