Happy New Year – New Years Eve Playlist

Well, we are still in “can’t be arsed mode,”  surrounded as we are by empty bottles of the finest wines known to humanity, half-eaten pie crusts, blue cheese sodomised with cranberries, cranberries stuffed with blue cheese etc, etc.

Yup we have been feasting on a diet that would have crippled Henry VIII leaving him writhing in agony with gout, but we are stoic, we are northern  … and we still have time for a final playlist to see out the year. Songs that are essentially about the new year, or New Year’s Eve (almost). As such they tend to be as reflective and melancholy as the time of year with Xmas now a receding tinselly glimmer in life’s rearview mirror.   Until next year, see you on the other side (*burp*). Let’s hope its better than 2017.  Now pass me the Stilton!


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