A Christmas Alternative: 12 Songs Of Christmas – Seven : Owl John

12 Songs Of Christmas – Day Seven :  
Owl John – “It Get’s Cold

Over 12 (working) days, I’m suggesting 12 songs that probably don’t get the airplay they deserve this time of year and should be regarded as Christmas/Seasonal Classics

Another sometimes overlooked classic is “It Gets Cold” by Owl John, the side project of Scott Hutchison, the lead singer, and songwriter of the Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit. The song was initially released on SoundCloud under the moniker Christmas John and didn’t appear on the self-titled debut album, which was released in 2014 (on International Owl Day).

The song showcases Hutchison’s distinctive and emotive vocals. The lyrics of “It Gets Cold” address personal struggles, vulnerability, and loneliness, and yet the beauty of Hutchison’s music lies in its empathy, warmth, and humanity. It’s yet another poignant reminder of his talent and the emotional depth of a songwriting genius who tragically, took his own life in 2018 aged 36. 

“The sound, the glow

The midnight mass is done

All these songs of love

All of these stories are never enough

To keep me warm

And it gets cold, it gets cold

Alone in a blanket of snow

It gets cold, it gets cold

Wrap up with me now, stay close

When it gets cold”

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