A Christmas Alternative: 12 Songs Of Christmas – Three : Marsheaux

12 Songs Of Christmas -Day Three

Marsheaux: “We Met Bernard Sumner At A Christmas Party Last Night”

Over 12 (working) days, I’m suggesting 12 songs that probably don’t get the airplay they deserve this time of year and should be regarded as Christmas/Seasonal Classics.

I make no apologies for talking about this track every year. Marsheaux‘s brilliant “We Met Bernard Sumner At A Christmas Party Last Night” has one of the GREATEST Christmas song titles ever and is a festive classic that brilliantly weaves together lyrics made up from New Order song titles. It’s sophisticated, evocative and wistful synth-pop that combines glacial beauty, warmth and depth. 

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Marsheaux burst onto the synthpop scene in 2003. The duo consists of Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou, with the band’s name “Marsheaux” derived from syllables in each member’s name. Originally from Thessaloniki, Greece, they relocated to Athens in 2000. In 2003, they founded Marsheaux, driven by their shared love for electronic pop and bands such as New Order, Depeche Mode, OMD, and the Human League.

Indeed, their evocative sound caught the attention of human windmill Andy McCluskey from OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), who expressed his deep admiration for Marsheaux, highlighting their enchanting fusion of wistfulness and melancholy as particularly captivating. And the band has achieved something their heroes have yet to do: create an absolute Christmas classic!

“The Perfect Kiss

In A Lonely Place

The Price Of Love

Truth And Regret

All The way

Its Christmas”

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