Agent Blå – “Hindsight”

Agent Blå Hindsight

Gothenburg band Agent Blå  (Agent Blue) formed when they were teenagers and apparently were promptly signed after their first ever gig . They return with a stunning new EP ‘Medium Rare’ via the always ace Luxury Records. It’s their first new material since their superb self-titled debut album and shows the band’s continuing maturity and development.

With, erm … hindsight, we could have picked any track from the EP as our track of the day as each one shimmers with an iridescent beauty, but we went for ‘Hindsight’  as it’s a perfect introduction, for the uninitiated to the band’s oeuvre, which they have described as ‘death pop.’  But don’t let the band’s own description put you off because their music isn’t, in reality, doom-laden funeral pop and you aren’t about to embark on a harrowing journey through a valley of tears. Yes, it can certainly have a wistful melancholic edge, but their music never comes across as self-indulgent navel-gazing or wallowing in misery for its own sake, this is thoughtful intelligent emotionally engaging indie pop.   Agent Blå fashion a sound that is heartfelt, passionate evocative and provides consolation rather than desolation. It offers solace and proves that hope and beauty can rise from the darkest of places and as such time spent with Agent Blå is often a gloriously uplifting experience

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