Anja Huwe (Xmal Deutschland) : “Rabenschwarz”

Get ready for a double dose of post-punk GOFF, brought to you by Sacred Bones Records. On March 8th, 2024, they release the legendary Xmal Deutschland’s ‘Early Singles’ (with a two bonus tracks), and at the same time release the debut solo album ‘Codes’ from the one and only Anja Huwe, the unmistakable frontwoman of Xmal Deutschland. Her new song” Rabenschwarz ” sounds like she’s never been away. Thrilling, propulsive, imperious it’s a welcome return from Huwe ending her decades-long musical hiatus

Huwe was invited by her long-time friend Mona Mur, to consider joining her in her studio in Berlin. Together, they worked for a year and a half, composing, performing and producing the tracks from scratch which eventually became the album ‘Codes’. Integral to the overall sound experience was the input of Manuela Rickers who added her famed signature guitar style and sound.

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Initially inspired by the diary entries of Moshe Shnitzki, who, at the age of 17, left his home in 1942 to live in the cavernous White Russian forests as a partisan, ‘Codes’ is about the human experience and what extremes can do to an individual. The thematic extremities cause an erraticism to ‘Codes’—a passing thunderstorm, a cyclonic burst of nature’s force—but one that exudes anticipation amidst the chill. With elegant production by Mur and Huwe and mixing and mastering by Jon Caffery (Joy Division, Gary Numan, Einstürzende Neubauten) epic builds crash and disseminate, the sleek synthesised drones of sound even feel claustrophobic at times.


Anna Huwe
Anja Huwe by Jan Ripehoff

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