Annie Hamilton : Talk

We actually do need to TALK about the brilliance of Annie Hamilton. Because I’ve yet to come across a song, she’s written I haven’t liked. Her latest track ‘Talk” came out a few weeks ago and could have got lost in the noise. I didn’t receive a press release, so I’ve had to go old school and do a bit of “resurch (sic)*“.

And “Talk” once again has me questioning why Annie isn’t massive. It’s another hypnotic, mesmerising pulsating alt-dream pop masterpiece which she wrote at the same time she was writing her superb 2022 album ‘the future is here but it feels kinda like the past’. However, it was a song she didn’t include on the album as she felt it didn’t quite fit conceptually.

She explained via social media: “It didn’t exist in the portal universe; it was of its own time and place, a bit too raw and real for the dream world. I sat with it for a long time, listened to it loud on long drives, night walks, and flights between time zones (this song time-travels) until Jake Webb (METHYL ETHEL) and I started working on it together in July 2022. We pulled apart my demo, kept a lot, culled a lot, Jake did his thing… We finished it last week, sprinting to the finish line (pressure makes diamonds, deadlines are useful), and it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever made.”

And the video , is indeed everything she says it is

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